The AIM-95 Agile

The AIM-95 Agile

The AIM-95 Agile was an advanced short range air-to-air missile developed in the 1960s and 1970s for the US Navy. The conclusion was that the Navy needed a missile that had a longer range, a higher velocity, the ability to keep the target in its sights at angles far off-boresight, and an “all-aspect” capability. This prompted the Navy to initiate “Project Agile” in 1968. Development moved rapidly, and the design was finalized by 1969, with prototypes of several subcomponents already completed, and the AIM-95 designation was applied to it. The first live YAIM-95 Agile was launched in 1970 near China Lake, as part of a testing program imaginatively code-named “Quick Turn”.
Arguably the most significant feature of the AIM-95 Agile is its guidance system. It featured an infrared seeker head with an “all-aspect” capability. The azimuth of the Agile’s seeker has not been reported, but its gimble allows it to steer up to 50 degrees off-boresight of the missile — meaning, even if the targeted aircraft is able to maneuver 45 degrees off of the Agile’s axis of flight, it will still have the target in sight and attempt to intercept it. The cooling system was greatly improved over the Sidewinder as well, allowing the Agile’s seeker to remain cooled for a much longer period of time than late 1960s and early 1970s Sidewinder variants. It was also intended that the aircrew of an F-14 Tomcat would use an helmet-mounted sight to cue the Agile onto targets off-boresight.
Little has been published concerning the propulsion of the AIM-95 Agile, save that it employed a dual-thrust solid fuel rocket motor, with a thrust-vectoring nozzle. This motor must have had an extraordinary thrust/weight ratio, as the Agile is said to be significantly quicker, faster, and more maneuverable than the operational Sidewinder variants of the early 1970s. Specifically, this motor produced a shocking 133 kN of thrust; to put that into perspective, the AIM-9B Sidewinder’s Thiokol Mk.17 motor produced only 18 kN of thrust. Thus, while the AIM-95 had 100% more weight than the AIM-9B, it produced 750% more thrust.
The sum of all of these attributes was a missile that had staggering performance. During the aforementioned Quick Turn test in 1970 for, example, the missile demonstrated turning performance far superior to the Sidewinder, including 55g turns and an angle of attack of up to 118 degrees. The acceleration of the Agile also proved to be exceptional as well, reaching velocities in excess of Mach 2 within moments of its launch.

Mass: 130 Kg
Guidance: IR
Aspect: All-aspect
Lock Range: ?
Launch Range: ?
Max speed: Mach 2.5 +
Max overload: 55G
Explosive type: ?
Explosive mass: ?





I would see it be implemented in an F15A that would sit at 12.7 . Why 12.7. Well it’s IRCCM can be modified for balancing purposes. The AIM-9M can have a superior IRCCM while the AIM-95 has superior maneuverability. The Magic 2 can already pull some 50- 60 G’s with no TVC (no wobbly missile). The R73 should pull somewhere around 50-60 G’s with an IRCCM comparable with the 9M’s and the Magic’s

does it even have an irccm to begin with? iirc the seeker was more sensitive than the aim 9L

Yes. It has the FOV reducing irccm like the R73 i think


do you have any source for that ? as fair i have seen it has a larger fov than the aim9l and is more sensitive

I think there is a thread already, unless it got shut down

Yea there is a thread.

for the moment the missile is still limited to 35G in game. Gaijin would have to model bi-plane guidance for the magic to reach 50G

That’s what the statcard says but its definitely not the case. The missile easily pulls 50Gs most of the time and I have seen it spike to the mid 70s every once in a while

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It is true that from time to time the missile spins really hard but this is more due to the fact that the speed at which it can spin at its maximum is much lower than that of other missiles.

Meanwhile, AIM-54 pulling an average of like 6g, with very rare spikes up to its current 17g limit (i wonder how awful it was before the buff to fin aoa limits)



Truly one of the missiles of all time


I wonder if anyone’s gonna bug report it to get it nerfed, seeing as it seems to be vastly overperforming now

probably someone will, just a matter of time, or maybe someone already did

Ok, It may be a bit overpowered : )

I would hope not, I enjoy the Mirage quite a bit more now

On a more serious note, those spikes are transient in nature and I haven’t really seen that much difference in it’s time to turn. If I had to guess I’d say its a Sensor View bug and not the missile actually pulling 80Gs

Some missiles can indeed exceed their maximum limit, but usually by 5G or so, not by x2.

With all that being said, magic hasn’t been changed recently. I think the last change was a IRCCM upgrade.

Some sources also suggest it doesn’t accelerate as fast as it does in game (5.5s instead of 2s). It looks like it still needs some tuning