The AIM-54 problem

Now that we have nerfed multipathing, which, to be fair, most people wanted, playing against any f14 is insufferable. You can say, “just pop chaff and notch” but when I run out of chaff since my plane only carries 60 countermeasures, im screwed. There is now no effective way to actually combat the f14 as a 11.0-11.7 aircraft.

Fly lower, use terrain. If you can not do that then don’t play 11.3+ because you can see jets with Aim120s at those BRs. You will have to learn to dodge them in order to be halfway decentnat defending against 120s.

I already fly low. terrain is a problem in most maps. I am playing 11.0 and facing 12.0 aircraft every game.

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Welcome to uptiers in near top/top tier air. You will have to adapt because it doesn’t get any easier. Watch the sky for the trails from the launches and swing wide so you can avoid the large group that they are probably launched at.


What aircraft are you in?

I’ve played multiple. - Tornado IDS (11.0), Mig-23M (11.0), J-7D (11.0), F-4F (10.7). Regardless, its pretty hard to notch in the IDS, and flying low just results in crazy hitboxes screwing you. also the 23M definitely doesn’t have the countermeasures.

Tornado. Take with a giant fistful of salt. Placeholder flight model means it has significantly less instantaeous than it should have and is also missing 1200 chaff (+320 BOL if they add those, been confirmed the Tornado Gr1 at least has them)

Others fair enough.

I can maybe see F-14A going up to 12.0, but it would be DOA any higher than that. but just gunna take time to learn how best to counter them. I can see Chaff being buffed or ARH seekers being tweaked a bit to make notching a bit more consistant

I can’t think of a better time to see the F-14s get their correct IR missiles

F-14A should get 9Ls, and the B should get 9Ms, just as god intended


With 9Ls, yeah easily 12.0

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Gaijin needs to Scratch the “EARLY” designation on the F-14A. Make it an F-14A-135GR. Give it 9L and BOL pods and raise it to 12.3 or 12.7. BOOM Problem solved!!!

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the EARLY designation on planes, Specifically in the US tech tree is so dumb. The A-4E Squadron vehicle should have the P-8A engine, but it doesnt cuz EARLY and the F-14A rn is kinda busted cuz of the whole TWS update and 60m multipathing/Aim-54 spam


That is the worst idea I have ever heard.

Why so?