The AH-1Z is a severely outdated model in-game. Give it a cockpit at least

Hi There. I wanted to shine a light on the AH-1Z. After the recent addition of the AH-1W for the US and china I had my attention driven to the AH-1Z Viper in the US tech tree. This thing is missing so many features. The main reason is because this helicopter came out in 2017 “The Valkyries” update when helis were first added to the game. It was one of the first top tier helis to come to the game but it was in such an unbaked state as so many features of helis we have in the game today were not in the game when this vehicle was added. The devs have not been focusing much on finishing these vehicles until recently with the new apache cockpit which is very well done and makes me want to play sim with them (Except we need a new gamemode for helis). The viper was not worked on at all for this update and I hope that they will give it a cockpit and finish it within the next few patches this year.

This is one of the most advanced helicopters in the world and it deserves to be as powerful as it is in real life.

As for some of the features it’s missing include:

  • AGM-114K Hellfire II that are on almost every other US helicopter.
  • HIRSS (This is also missing on the AH-64)
  • A detailed cockpit with a HMD

Can carry AIM-9X

Bump up it’s BR when these features are added.

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Huey’s should get a cockpit first since there’s more of them.

They already got it. Most NATO helicopters come with HIRSS by default, whilst only some Russian helicopters have to grind for them. I guess there is a misconception about that, thinking we have no HIRSS if we have no dedicated modification for it, but it’s clearly present on the model.

Now, about effectiveness… that’s entirely up to the heat of the engines and how Gaijin has modelled the exhaust positions and directions on the models. So, I can’t say much about that.