The AGM-65 Maverick is not available on the Tornado IDS and its German counterpart

where AGM-65 Maverick for Tornado

Those aren’t sources.
You need actual evidence.


Is it feasible?

my brother in christ thats a brimstone



here, another photo

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Again Brimstone, the photo´s name even says it.


That is a brimstone on an RAF Tornado GR.4 lol

  • this is a brimstone

thats a goddamn BRITISH GR.4

the brits modified their IDS for brimstones and ALARM


le clueless

They would need to add the Tornado IDS because that’s with more AAMs fyi.

? what

im talking about OP how he not only mixed up the brimstone, but also the RAF markings

I don’t think he mixed up the markings

prolly just thought Tornado = Tornado

which just isn’t true


AGM-65 I think was considered for the Tornados (maybe even tested, though no source yet to confirm that) but was a capability considered unnecessary for it.

Sadly, rendering the Tornado a useless strike jet for GRB. Those GBU’s won’t cut it anymore, contrails and Pantsir killed this mechanic. Its F&F or nothing.

They have fire and forget just only for the British

Fingers crossed we can just drown out pantsirs with 1200 chaff next major

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Its not just Pantsir. GBUs were a thing as we could hide at 8000m or something. Now you’ll be spotted easily tanks to contrails or simply cause you’re too low. Lock a target, align the right way, drop the bomb, holding the lock for too long. Be too evasive and your lock gets out of arc. The bombs goes nuts. Thats just not how GRB works now. Others just spam half a dozen Mavericks from long range and get multikills on open maps. Strange how Gajin sets BRs for Strike Aircraft btw… Tornado with 4x GBU-16 is just lol lol lol.

Yeah… Fingers crossed for the tornado Gr4 with 18x Brimstones soon