The AGM-65 Maverick is not available on the Tornado IDS and its German counterpart

Flares work as well, not even on IRST mode

Average pansir experience. It’s locking the birds or something

That thing is Brimstone (which is exactly what i want)

The closest thing we have to a AGM-65 on a Tornado is a picture of one next to an Italian Tornado.


Aint this the same reason SRAAM was on the gr1

No I think SRAAM was actually mounted on the GR1


See i was think of the bottom photo but the top changes it never mind

Only luftwaffle used maverics on tornados.
And since Marineflieger is Naval counterpart it sadly didnt use mavericks, altought it could used those.
But bonus points, from that Marineflieger should get AGM-88 HARM , what would actually be quite nice to see on 11.0 event vehicle.
And BL-775 antitank cluster bomb
“Some indication of its effectiveness compared to the SNEB is that calculations suggested nine aircraft each dropping two BL755s would have the same effect as 20 aircraft firing 36 SNEB each.”
Death raining :D

the AGM-88 HARM were used with the MFG’s Tornado ECRs which aren’t added to the game

german tornado IDS are only possibly able to carry AGM-88 after the ASSTA 3.1 upgrade program

and if you have any evidence of Luftwaffe Tornados being able to carry mavericks please do make a suggestion or bug report with your sources

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“Naval weapons are the MBB Kormoran anti-ship missile, backed by AGM-88 and the BL755 cluster-bomb, plus SFC 28-300 ‘buddy’ pods. While all German aircraft are AGM-88 capable, only the Luftwaffe’s ECR version would use it on an ‘offensive’ role. Marineflieger aircraft, in contrast, train with HARM as one of their main anti-shipping weapons.”
Yep, luftwaffle tornado , only ECR version used it, but on marine side, they were using those with kormorans.

There’s few.

We have sources that state it could carry it, but no photos of Tornado actually carrying them. That’s the issue we’ve found when making suggestions in the past.

Then when Tornado Gr1 goes from 56 CMs. To 56 large calibre flares, 1200 chaff and 320 BOL. We might actually be able to do something about Pantsirs firing at us

Without something like Mavericks or Brimstones Tornados are just meh in GRB. Or not even meh…I’d say useless. Meta shifted away from GBU drops, its not a viable tactic anymore.

Why not when there are BS like Kh 38?

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Or they could give the Gr1 it’s 4x Martels

those are not valid sources

they need manuals, manufacturer data sheets or official German Navy documentation stating that

they need more than vague some IDS, could carry X statements without providing time and version of the aircraft