The AGM-114K not being consistent in damage

I shot a Strela with the AGM-114k and it did minimal damage

But in Protection Analysis no matter where the missile hits it the crew dies.

How can the strela tank a hellfire?

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Same reason a Pantsir can tank an AGM-65, Gaijin’s modeling fails occasionally.


Its simply aint Russian.


That makes sense.

Probably hit through tracks. In this case overpressure may not work. Or just the “magic” of the game. I recently had an Ottomatic absorb 2 vikhres with his side while not getting any damage.

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To be fair to the Pantsir its very spaced out so if you hit the drivers cab it may not overpressure the separate control cab.

It’s spaced out but the shockwave should still disable the vehicle if not kill the crew.

Hopefully with the new interior modeled systems we see more damaging effects against boxy vehicles. Gaijin did say they were going to start with them first for the new modeling.

Yeah but I don’t know how well shockwaves are modeled in game.

They aren’t, the mechanic is overpressure but the AGM-65 warhead is modeled as HEAT. HEAT can overpressure but it doesn’t do it consistently.

One AGM-65 is HE I think the new one?

Yeah the G variant has HE.

A B D variant should be enough to take out tanks not do damage as firecrackers that 50kg of tnt equivalent I don’t know how tf Gaijin even model it it’s a bug? or just on purpose (but feel like on purpose)

B and D are modeled as HEAT and as stated previously HEAT does not have its explosive power modeled well.

A is modeled as a bomb I have very little experience with it it should be similar to the power of a 750lb bomb it’s 264kg of explosive mass.

Gaijins spaghetti code of overpressure, that’s how…

Plz Fix overpressure with a “concussive internal pressure” system, it would be so much more consistent. The worst part is the math is simple too