The adding of the German Made 'Iris-T' IR Missile

With the addition of an F4 ICE and “possibly” a new Tornado (which can carry radar missiles), you could be looking at a new missile for the German tree and possibly other trees as well.

Let’s talk about the Iris-T:


As for the specs, the Iris-T is 9.5 feet long, 5 inches in diameter and weighs about 180 pounds. The Iris-T features an infrared imaging targeting system with a radar proximity sensor and a thrust controlled vector motor, allowing it to achieve high G levels and do similar things to the dancing R73 we have in the game.
Image Mock Iris T
Again, it might be too advanced for the current technology we have in the game (if you could say so). However, it could be a great addition to the new “possible” Tornado that will appear in the game, which will be a fighter/interceptor with radar-guided missiles (The German Tornados in the game only have guided attack ammunition and IR-guided missiles). Instead of perhaps giving it the target - 9L or the M version, one could assign it the German-developed Iris-T missiles, which were developed in the late 1990s to 2005. Looking at the development dates of the R73 and the Aim9M, the Aim9M would come first with the late 70s, the R73 in the late 80s, and then the German Iris-T in the late 90s, a bit into the 2000s.

For the platforms they can be placed as follows:

  • Jas 39 from South Africa
  • Possible new tornado
  • Thai F5T
  • Hungarian Jas39

The operators would be (terms in the War Thunder tech tree)

  • Japan (Thai F5)
  • Germany (New Tornado)
  • United Kingdom (South African Jas39)
  • Italy (Hungarian Jas39s)

Bundeswehr website
Thanks for listening again!

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IRIS-T should not and will not come on F-4F ICE as that’d make its BR equivalent to a Typhoon coming in with AIM-9Ms [which should be Tranche 1 and/or 2’s best IR missile as to keep its BR within range of the current and next major update’s top aircraft].
It’d also mean Gaijin would have to add AIM-9X, R-73M, AAM-5B, and so forth to give all other nations an equivalent to IRIS-T.
R-73M going to Mig-29SMT with the suggestion of adding IRIS-T to my precious F-4F ICE.
I want my F-4F ICE to have 9Li/9Ms as that’d make its BR reasonable and give room for Typhoon to be unique.

So I’ll continue to oppose these missiles for the time being as we haven’t even had experience with AARHs yet.

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The Thai F-5E in game is the FCU (First Capability Upgrade) variant, the IRIS-T came with the TCU (Third Capability Upgrade) aka F-5TH Super Tigris.

There is an already existing thread for it btw.

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Didn’t know, apologise. Just made an topic about it due to my topic with the EFT

I think the IRIS-T would be a good balancing factor for the incoming F-4F ICE. The plan will otherwise be largely DOA unless placed at a lower BR like 12.0

The thing is that the F4F ICE will not get the Iris since the F4 is an too old platform. The Iris T is only used on Tornado and EFT platforms and some others.

Nope, it was used on the F-4F ICE

The one thing is though that the ICE doesnt have an HMD (afaik), which means the IRIS-T isnt at its full potential on the aircraft and must radar slave or boresight lock the missile (or maybe any internal search patterns the missile has, but those arent included in WT), which is why I think itd be fair on an F-4F ICE, as it should be too oppressive on such a bad airframe.

Here’s a vid of IRIS-T firing tests (made by an F-4F ICE):

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Oh yeah, i apologise. I forgot that the F4 was used till 2013 making it still able to use the Iris. Apologise for the misunderstanding

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britain and italy were the only 2 nations (afaik) to operate the interceptor (ADV/F.3) tornados, (only tornados with radar missiles) with the italian one never getting amraams or even supertemp skyflashes (has it ingame for balance purposes)

i think u got sth confused there, no german tornado ever used radar missles. you propably confused them with HARM missles, anti radar missles. but those were already used by IDS as well as ASSTA 1

both missiles entered in service in the early-mid 80s…

the ICE also has no digital databus, meaning IRIS-T will use the analog backup where it somewhat pretends to be an AIM-9L using the exact same SEAM mode for radar cueing.
So pre lock-on its limited to 40° off bore

(blatantly stolen from the Brit Tornado thread)


This missile is too modern to be considered for any aircraft right now, I’d expect to see the AIM-9X Block 2 before this thing.

if you include the AH-1Z (if it even got the planned AIM-9X integration), maybe.

Else the IRIS-Ts analog bus means it can and is used on way worse platforms, like Tornado IDS for example, than the purely digital AIM-9X which is only available on planes like F/A-18C, F-16C and so on

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Why would an IRIS-T equivalent (if not better) be added before it

I still stand by the fact that the F-4F ICE is basicly DOA unless given something like the IRIS-T, or placed at a much lower BR than top tier (like 12.0)

The F-4 airframe is mid/bad at 11.0… just about everything it will see if placed at 12.0 will outperform it handedly WVR, and until gaijin stops being dumb and removes excessive multipath, radar missiles, no matter how high performance, will only serve as a skill check for bad players and a minor deterrence for good ones.

AMRAAM cannot and will not allow it to compete with something like an F-16, MiG-29, Su-27, F-15, M2K as long as excessive MP exists.

(Not sure whats on the F-4’s left wing there, and I see it has a fuel tank on the left while the F-16 doesn’t, but the general turning radius is what I’m after visualizing here)

the ej is 11.7, the ice with amraams and aim 9li could easily be at 12,3 or 12,7, the irist would just make it op.

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The EJ Kai is pretty clearly over tiered imo

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unless you compress every other f4 it is not.