The actual state of War Thunder

its pretty fun

what do you think?


I mean for all the crap it receives the game is still enjoyable. Its just a lot of small thing the when combined make you mad

For example I love playing 3.3 - 5.7 because the Vehicles are fun. Like the Pvkv III / Pvkv II and the Strv 42 DT. among other tanks combine to make a enjoyable experience.


it can be but gaijin goes out of there way to make it as frustrating and miserable as possible


there are times but for the most part it is ok

If I wasn’t having fun, I’d stop playing. :P


Thats the spirit!

None of that positive stuff. Cut it out. ;\

There are so many options in War Thunder that if I don’t like the behavior of players at a BR and gamemode I can just change BRs.

Find the stuff that you enjoy and do that . . . . pretty simple. I’ve been playing daily for over 10 years now and I still have fun . . . or I wouldn’t be doing it anymore . . . lol. I don’t care what it is, if there is no fun or joy to it, I won’t be doing it very long . . but that’s just me. And now that I am retired, I can get away with that a LOT better than before . . … yay


I like War Thunder. It has some very frustrating mechanics, but in general it is just a good game at least for aircraft.

I am also positively suprised. If you had asked me in 2016 if there should be helicopters and air to air missiles in WT, tgen i had said “hell, no” but they actually turned out very good.

The sad thing about WT is the untapped potential.


It is not all bad. I would say it is more in mindset then anything.

My only pain point as long lasting player is fact I can’t play SIM ground with any vehicles I want to play. Waiting for rotations sucks, especially since I am going through process of spading tier by tier all tanks and planes in all nations.

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Oh yeah I 100% hate the sim rotations, they are so unbalanced aswell because of how neglected that mode is

Why not simply play RB. The gameplay is pretty much the same.

SB GF is a masterclass of showing the untapped potential of WT.
It could be like air sim, interior views, detailled controls… So close to something amazing, but it isn’t amazing, it is just ok.


They should just make all rotations pernament. No BR systems or anything. Just same system but all brackets online at all times. Bet popularity of sim would skyrocket after that. I for example would not touch RB ever again if that was a thing. I would just play sim which is not only harder, but works way better just because there is no corner peaking, gunner sights are harder to use so armor works more times then not. CAS requires actual skill to pull off.

Just why would I ever touch RB?

It’s the least stupid game in this genre, that’s why I play it.

It has the potential to be the best by far, but if Gaijin can’t or won’t…


Fellow Pvkv II enjoyer, nice to see!

Sniper rifle on tracks, that thing is.


I love the new map. I don’t think I have played the full version of it, but it’s really good. I think only thing odd about it is it makes tanks feel extra large like something isn’t to scale, but otherwise, very good for good fights.

Needs bigger maps, and new game modes.