The 2S38 should be moved up in BR to 11.0 or 11.3

The 2S38 should be moved up in br for its ridiculous gameplay and overpoweredness. It absolutely wrecks anything it comes across. Sure it can die from one shot to any mbt but if that mbt misses a shot it totally shreds. The HSTV-L has a similar round with more pen but its so garbage and it doesn’t kill anything. So it should be moved up to 11.3 where the HSTV-L is. Also when I come across the 2S38 I higher tiers it almost always does really well and better than the higher vehicles similar to it.


Watch the russian mains appear in any moment and Say how “Bad” is it


It’s actually pretty bad ngl. If it was good I would be positive in it lmao make it 8.0


U have to be so bad at the game to not do well in an IFV with such an amazing gun.

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The problem isn’t so much the firepower, although I don’t like the lead indicator and HE-VT, that to me isn’t fair at all, especially when it gets decent AT rounds

For me its the damage model that… allows it to just tank shots like you’re firing BB gun rounds at it haha

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No armour best armour thing is the same for nearly all the light armoured vehicle.

2S38 was more trolly when it came first, now most players can deal with it.

I’m a Russian main and I don’t mind if it goes up. I still play it in my 11.7 lineup anyway.


Dude it’s not to offend but You must be very Bad at the Game of You struggle in one of the easiest tanks ingame, i’ve played it in a friend’s account and honestly absolutely unfair, bounced 2 shots from an Abrams and 1 shot of a leopard 2A4, and My fuel tank ate a shell from a type 16, US i got 9 kills in 5 minutes. Honestly the 2S38 it’s op as heck just that it depends on You not having to go in Middle of the map and try to hold W like other russian tanks since this one dosent have armor

No, Strf 9040C shouldn’t be moved to 10.7 nor HSTVL to 12.0 as you suggest in order to stay balanced with 2S38’s suggested BR.
2S38 should be made 10.3, in-line with the capabilities of HSTVL & Strf 9040C.

You mean Russian mains praising it as the best autocannon ever made claiming it’s superior to HSTVL when it so obviously isn’t.

i would agree 10.3 or 10.7 since it depends only on an autocannon wich can struggle against stuff such as leopards but its still an insanely good vehicle dude

Floatation devices are the best spaced armour.

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Actual brain rot issue if you cant perform in it. Unless you arent used to top tier and are a noob


no it’s a pretty hard tank to do well in, doesn’t have bias armour and good speed you’re right it needs br reduction to 7.0

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Honestly king. U right.

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Its a nightmare to face. Super survivable, turret almost unvulnerable, kills every MBT frontally with autofire. Every air unit with HE-VT. 14.7 BR minimum.

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It’s glass cannon without the cannon.

you sure you don’t mean “glass cannon without the glass”?

that thing survives 120mm rounds to the hull. with no crew loss.

meanwhile, in the real world, it’d be turned inside out if a 120mm round hit it.


That’s what I don’t get. How can a tank survive a direct hit from something like a maverick at close proximity? If that shit happened in real life the entire tank would be in bits.

No. Crew is small and in one place that is unprotected. Also has huge ammo magazine. This vehicle is a one tap

dunno what 2S38 you’ve played but it’s not a one shot. even if it should be. I can’t remember the last time I had a kill via ammunition explosion (which probably means it hasn’t happened) and the fuel tank at the front catches a lot of incoming shots.

the only reliable methods i’ve got for killing it quickly is either side shots (which is true of most tanks) or spraying the damn thing with 30/35mm fire (true of most lightly armoured vehicles)

So no, not sure what game you’re playing there.

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the 2S38 is more capable than the STRF’s. It should be like 11.0

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