The 2S38 is 10.0

Gaijin’s refusal to balance premium vehicles makes any argument against this game being pay to win disingenuous at best.

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Comparing the 2s38 to similar vehicles, for example the HSTVL, it has major advantages over almost every single other mid-caliber auto cannon vehicle in warthunder. The only auto cannon vehicle with comparable stats in all aspects is the OTOMATIC, which at 11.3 is limited in how many darts you can bring. If any of the previously mentioned vehicles were premium, I’m sure they would move down to 10.0 as well.

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OTO at 11.3 is comical.

Gaijin is simply clueless when it comes to OTOMATIC. The moment SAMs spawn, you’re close to being worthless, that thing should be 10.3 - 10.7 at maximum.

It’s worse than the 2S38, which conveniently was changed from being an SPAA to a light tank so it can be as ridiculous as it is, aside from the fact this vehicle will never perform the way that it does IRL but who needs sources when you can make stuff up anyways.

The 2S38 is able to fight late cold war modernized tanks despite being produced in 2022

Gaijin this is a joke

You’ve ruined your game through your greed

They trade blows so I wouldn’t necessarily call 2S38 to be better, but yeah, they are pretty close.
2S38 could move up a bit, while OTOMATIC could move down a bit.

Considering the OTO isn’t even in it’s BR range, the idea they trade blows is pretty telling, the OTO is severely limited in it’s AT abilities with only 12 shells however unlike the 2S38, nor does the OTO get drones, a meme damage model, turret without crew, scouting and all the other benefits of the 2S.