The 16v16 Matchmaker is absolute dogshit

Now, if you see this you might think im mad, and yes I am, but why? The 16v16 matchmaker just doesnt work, its an old topic but now with the event, it really just makes it 10x worse. The Idea, which I saw in Walv1s’s Video discussing air rb, is an 8v8 matchmaker, I dont see any downsides to that at all. The radar, built in in some planes, will actually be useful for once. Also, make the maps the original size, right now they didnt make the gameplay better, matter of fact, it just kinda made it worse. I dont know what your idea was while creating those huge maps with the only difference being that you would have to take more time traveling from airfield to base. So please, consider the idea, it might help the game to be more balanced and less fast paced, because at this rate, the game will look like ace combat in less then a year. Like Walv1s said, many of his colleagues agree that the matches should have an 8v8 matchmaker, especially at top tier.