Thank you to the mods

Um, their job was ALSO to represent their community to Gaijin and, in this case, at least give us a little warning a major forum change was coming.

I’m sure lots of people wasted lots of personal time writing long economy or whatever posts last week that they wouldn’t mind having back now (not me, thankfully). The mods failed their readership here: sorry.

(post delayed a day because I hit my 12-posts-first-day limit)


Yeah, Staff will pin important stuff as we go… some things were very old tho…

Well, Change is always bit difficult for everyone : P
I think as more features are added, this should turn out to be a lot easier and pretty cool Forum!

It is not our place to do so… and we always do Represent our community, it is kinda part of our Job description…

You can still read our old forum and will be able to do so for at least 2 years… so you are always welcome to go save old stuff from over there…

And we have not failed anyone…

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I would suspect they had no such freedom. I would also suspect they had a very short lead time.

I do not think the forum mods are the ones who made the decision.

Although I agree with your premise, I think you are blaming the wrong people.

Indeed the forum software chosen is a horrible choice for this exact forum. The sudden roll out, with no advance warning, was a catastrophic players relations event. The lack of help screen/introduction message on first load causes unnecessary confusion and likely massive forum user attrition. However, best to blame cooperate Gaijin rather than volunteer mods.

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They literally just hid my comment because they can’t take criticism. That’s low.
Also, they told me I can edit my comment to a praise to the mods so it would be un-hidden, but that’s also a fat lie because they disabled my ability to edit comments.

Here you can see no edit option:

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Someone didnt even read the Guidelines did they ?!?.. after making inflammatory comments, what do you really expect ???

So… take some time out to READ the Guidelines…

Yea, and it has to be a mod because no one else could have earned the privilege. LOL.

You have to earn it.
Trust Levels


No one here said that they did.

If they’re volunteers they had even more freedom to protest-quit if it really bothered them. If they didn’t, I won’t feel particularly sorry or appreciative for any extra work they had to do to make a bad thing happen to the rest of us.


I expect Gaijin to:

  1. Not hide comments if they’re legitimate.
  2. Not tell me I can edit my comment if I’m not given the option, or to give me the option to edit if I’m told I can.
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Bing chilling.
Communists flagging people’s posts left and right.

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You do know there is a kind of self moderation in place yeah ?..

as hinted by…

I disagree fully with this as it’s not true on the other hand either.
Blame people but don’t throw that on someone who isn’t responsible, and on the other hand you’re also throwing in disinformation.

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What about point 2? I was informed I am able to edit the comment. Why is that option still blocked for me?

I believe at the moment only mods can edit, common people need to reach level 2 in order to be able to edit, which means a minimum of 15 days after you got on this forum (which seems to be the main obstacle, reading posts, liking and getting likes is very feasible in these 15 days…)

Basic features should not be locked behind a loyalty program, or at all. And editing posts is IMO a very, very basic feature. What next? Are most posts now going to be locked until players have a 3 day reading period of all guideline posts? I’ve been playing this game since it was just Wings of Prey, Gaijin obviously links forum users with game users, so they could have removed that 15 day restriction for 99% of players, they didn’t.
And I understand why Gaijin is okay with implementing the Trust System here, but again if accounts are linked with game account then why is it even necessary?
With so many people involved, it’s very hard to pass this as a minor slip on Gaijin’s part.


The Mods are doing just fine. They are doing what they were informed to do. Instead of shooting their work down like a clay pigeon maybe wait and keep any hateful and obnoxious comments to yourself. This forum is basically brand new. Forums get better over time. They almost never start good. Also if you want to earn that trust level to be able to edit a comment. My advise is keep it low and slow with any hate towards anyone.

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I share some of your thoughts, but not all of them.

Imho there is a kind of misunderstanding regarding roles & responsibilities (and actual status of mods with regards to their employment) and actual free speech in the classic understanding.

From a holistic pov any post in this and in the old forum has zero impact and is pointless as everybody registered here has accepted in the fine print that everything posted can be deleted without any warning or notification - as on any other social platform.

You could argue that offering this platform might be useful to identify just new business opportunities or to give some hints where the game might need some adjustments, nothing more.

From my point of view the “Mods” are simply players like you and me - connected to the game and are doing their job as volunteers without any legally binding power to represent gaijin officially.

Based on various exchanges in the past i saw just in a few cases “unjustified” censorship by very few mods - imho the majority of them are quite nice and very reasonable people.

I mean in the terms of usage any negative feedback towards gaijin (ex. Bots, hack, usefulness of products, business decisions, etc.) is forbidden, so from a different perspective the mods allowed a hell of unpleasant truths about the state of the game and how gaijin handles problems. I am not sure that official staff is fully aware of this.

Regarding social credit system - yes China works like that, but in most Western countries it is a good advice to keep a very low social profile if you are not sharing the main stream opinion regarding certain topics. And imho Russia is no communist country since 1991.

So from a holistic pov this forum has litte to zero impact on the game or gaijin as only a very small minority is active here - compared to a unknown amount of actual players, imho most of them have no clue about this forum.

Just relax…


Just to make it clear here too – the edit permission was changed today and it’s now available to basically everyone who has done something other than log-in. It is not restricted by a higher trust level anymore, it’s part of the basic one.

I would also just like to say and re-iterate, as it’s been said before, this forum is new. Changes are being discussed / in the works, be assured that we are taking feedback into account and are working on making things better.

As Uncle J Wick said, relax :)



The “forum” is not “new”. Only this new userface. It’s all the same basics, people making comments and moderators, moderating. The other stuff is just technical. Someone put all the rules in place for a reason, on purpose. These rules are dictatorial. I will not “relax”. Although I am actually relaxed, I’m just vocalizing the truth. I’ll say what I feel. I’m not cursing. I’m not calling you names. I’m describing exactly what this place is and has been. It’s been the same way except now it’s implemented in the software to help you do it easier and hide behind “the community feedback”. You’ve always locked and deleted posts that disagree with you or complained about certain things. As I said before, one of you made smart mouth replies to one of my suggestions and when I replied back, you banned me for “harassing a moderator”. Please. Could it be any more immature and unprofessional? Yet some moderators love to praise themselves. Now I’m not speaking of you personally as I’ve never seen a negative thing from you. But I’m speaking in general. And about this new forum full of ridiculous control mechanisms. It’s supposed to be here for feedback and info on this game. Not to be like some disciplinary school where we’ve been bad kids and must prove nice to speak. This is ridiculous and I stand by my and others opinions. Disagree all you like. And continue to delete my posts all you like. Hiding behind spam label. It’s actually cowardly.

Instead of worrying about blocking posts, why don’t you make contact with the appropriate people throughout the day and actually get some important things fixed like, thermals, which are important and have been broken since last week? Bug reports obviously don’t help because it’s still broken. It’s a main and critical part of this game to be able to play top tier but treated like no big deal and ignored. I’ve seen things get fixed with a minor update on the very same day. Why are thermals not done as such? It makes it unplayable. So now we have to deal with bug reports not even taken seriously, but also a dictatorship style platform where we should be able to discuss issues or info about the game?

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That’s nice. Where’s the feedback survey/poll? I can’t find it.

Not really any specific place as far as I know, we are just gathering feedback from the various forum topics and passing on issues as they are discovered.

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