Thank you to the mods

That’s nice. Where’s the feedback survey/poll? I can’t find it.

Not really any specific place as far as I know, we are just gathering feedback from the various forum topics and passing on issues as they are discovered.

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Kinda like the suggestions and feedback sections, then. That’s cool, I guess. I sure hope these sections weren’t deleted from the new forum or anything during the transition, otherwise it would show Gaijin as completely dismissive of player opinion.

The only big “relevant” section that doesn’t exist anymore is the bug reporting area, because we moved that to the CBR: Gaijin.Net // Issues

The rest, like suggestions and general game discussion etc, remained, but edited / trimmed down as you may have seen. We will, of course, still have feedback topics (or take feedback from replies on news posts im guessing) for when the team is specifically looking to gather feedback for a certain topic (like an update, etc.)


I would say something “snarky” . . but last time I made a comment towards you the community covered it up . . . . lol. All good, I was just poking fun. I think over time this Forum will find it’s spot and become useful like the other one was . . . just a bit of a learning curve I am hoping.

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Oh thanks, I was really worried because I thought the massive amount of suggestions didn’t move into the new forum, but I guess that’s not true anymore. I’ll go ahead and check into the multiple suggestions I’ve made last month, see how they’re going.

Well, I should clarify, topics generally speaking weren’t moved over. I am not sure about how the suggestions team is handling those yet. That being said though, the old forum is in an archive state for the next 2 years and is available at the bottom of this forum called “Forum Archive”. You can view all posts and suggestions etc there.

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Wait, why is the suggestions team in charge of migrating that section into the new forum? Shouldn’t it be some tech guys? The file system was perfectly fine there.

Suggestions team is in charge of suggestions and the suggestions. Tech guys handle bug reports on the community bug reporting site.

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I meant the tech guys who are in charge of setting up this new forum and transferring the data, not tech support.

So on that note - bug reporting website. Would you check on 2 bug reports that I’ve made that haven’t been addressed? They are important to the state of the game and have had numerous other people complaining about it too, not sure if they’ve done bug reports as well. It’s been a week and at least the thermals issues could have been fixed as important and a default function as they are for the vehicles that have it. The ADATS missiles should have never been changed like this, it’s not even close to how it should be. Now they’re flying out of the ADATS from way up above like a Javelin would and hit ground vehicles from top down. Plus still curving all over.

Please address these issues as nothing seems to be getting done but yesterday just had a minor update and neither of these were addressed. At least the thermals should have been.

ADATS missile severe issues after recent update

Thermals issues after recent update

Oh I see. That’s not quite what I meant, sorry if I was confusing. As far as I am aware, a mass migration of topics from the old forum to Discourse was not possible. If it were possible it probably would have been done by now. As for suggestions specifically, I am unsure of how the team is handling existing suggestions, there will likely be a public statement of some sort when a decision is made, if it hasn’t been made already. All I can see is this, which the team put out a few days ago:

Beyond that, I don’t know.


I’m assuming they wanted to update the forums to modernize the backend code. Which is great of course backend development is key. But you really got to be careful when modifying your front end interface. Especially when you have an established market/player base/appeal. I would of offered this as a “option” or “skin” for users and not forced the change on users. I mean look at Windows 11, forcing change seems to be working out great for Microsoft. Magically they keep loosing market share. Real mystery.

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