Testing non researched planes

can you add a test flight for non researched or not started to research planes to see if they are wroth the grinding or not

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You can test them when they are available to the research, even if you didn’t spend 1 RP in the research.

I like that idea. Plus, give people in test drive at least an expert crew so one can test the flight performance of a plane properly.

Here are some list of the million things wrong with Test Drive/Flight

  1. You can’t choose max possible crew with qualifications as an option
  2. You can’t test drive with max loadout if you did not unlock modifications
  3. You can not add more ground/air targets, different scenario, air spawn(long ass time to put plane into acceptable altitude)
  4. Enemy doesn’t attack you. How hard is it to implement an enemy tries to shoot your tank or aircraft directly, with no clever tactics. We could try attacking AA guns with CAS and learn different approaches.
  5. You can test drive premiums but not red vehicles- the ones you did not research or start its research. If you want to try some tank in the tree but it is BR 12 etc, you need to spend whole year maybe before trying it. Maybe there is test client but nobody will switch clients just to shoot some dummies.

Correct me if I am wrong.