Test flying planes

This might be unpopular but I think that you should be able to test drive every vehicle in the game whether or not you have it researched or unlocked.


well Gaijin is worried you might fly it out and realize top teir sucks and quit the game before they can make money off of you



You can test flight premiums at any tier.

You can test drive some vehicles that you dont have but only those that are researchable.

However, I think it could be useful to allow test drives for vehicles that you could face. For example, you unlock 6.7 and you get access to test drive all vehicles up to 7.7.

It’s not a joke, I agree with him that that’s literally the reason why they don’t allow it. Or a broader version of the same concept: not necessarily “top tier bad”, but just the general de-exotic-ing of top tier stuff. “Oh this just feels like what I’m already driving, but faster and bigger, while also facing other fast big things. Meh.” More like “top tier not that special” than “top tier bad”

Lmao it’s the fact that people would spend more time test driving instead of playing the actual miserable game. So what do they do? Make game more fun, thus encouraging everyone to play it? Nah, no test drives, simple.

yeah, essentially if you play war thunder with “next one’s down the line is gonna be fun” mentality you will not have any.

I already do…