Terrible Event

Worst event yet. Launch missile and just flies into water. Controls do not work. Why waste our time. Absolute crap.

You’re testing the missile.

If the missile fails it’s supposed to hint to you what part you mark as “broken” and you get 3 boxes back if you’re correct versus 1 if you’re wrong.

Was confusing the first day but now that I know the system it’s been pretty straight forward.

Order seems to be Fail Fail Pass Fail Fail Pass

There’s a google docs w/ what the failures hint up on Reddit but most of it is pretty straight forward “black smoke” → Engine “missile hits but doesn’t explode” → Warhead etc

I think he’s talking about the test drives. lol.

Well he stated it’s about the event not “terrible event vehicle” but maybe I misunderstood.

2 missiles fail and 1 works, on the fails you reports what is wrong and on the working you report “missile ready” or something like that.

Thats how it works, it’s a feature not a bug lol you need 9 missiles to get 1 big reward

The even does suck but not because of those reasons
Just got to YT and learn how it all works

reading can put you a step ahead …