Terrain Bug, gives a huge disadvantage for me (Nvidia related issues according to some)

The picture should be self explainatory
My specs: GTX 1650 Mobile (Driver version = 551.23)
Intel i5 12450H
16 GB DDR4 Ram 3200 MHz
1TB SSD (Kingston)

How to replicate:

  1. need a nvidia gpu I think
  2. Any kind of exploision should happen in the vision of the player (works with bombs)
  3. The following terrain bug show in the image should form

Yeah this is a thing I have been dealing with for a few weeks now. I feel it is getting worse. does not help that I know they are aware of it, just really want them to fix it as soon as possible

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I have the same issue. Its annoying AF especially in RB, random blocks or earth popping up or massive holes on the ground

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This should be submitted to the official WT bug reporting site