Teams are bad!

Why are the teams soooo bad after every update??? The amount of 1 death quitters is out of control! 2 minutes into a game half of your team is gone! 10 minutes in and its only 3 or 4 players left! whats the point??

Because Gaijin does nothing to balance players in games, esp. at the higher BRs that they sell novice players into. Should they keep feed you as many kills as they can even though they stand no chance?

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because, a bunch of casuals come back, since things are new-ish and they are rusty (and probably bad at the game, in general, which is made worse by the rustiness), so they come back for a week or so… get wrecked, and then stop playing… (and then repeat this cycle, cuz they are bored and… opposite of smart)

plusssss… a lot of people are just Bad at this game ive noticed. and i mostly get them on my teams… which is… Super awesome…

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The game play is the worst right now. If the team doesn’t all quit, I have noticed they are all premium players with a much lower lvl rating around -60 or so, trying to play top tier! They don’t have the knowledge or experience of top tier! its sooo bad!! Also I believe its poor map designs that players are just fed up with! Garbage maps garbage game play? The new maps that they have designed are sub par just plain trash! Also if you have a good come back going on the match just abruptly ends! that needs to be changed! FFS!!!

yeah… just dont worry about it…

This game is more about you playing well, killing/capping/defending, etc
Just focus on that, and give up on caring about winning (orrrr it will ruin your day and experience with the game)

Not to be confused with you not Trying or playing well, at all times, and definitely when you Can influence the game (usually top 3 carrying with kills/assists captures, etc)

I want a good battle experience and when you are being steam rolled every match because players quit it gets old real fast! and I cant believe that gayjin wants this type of player experience?

In any particular game for each player who has a bad game, one has a good game. So from Gaijin’s perspective its, ¯_(ツ)_/¯ .

The problem is that almost every game is decided by only 2 or 3 players, which leads to user dissatisfaction as expressed here.

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they obviously dont want this experience… but it has to do with shitty people… not really anything they can do to fix it… Trash people are gunna do trash things. Always have, always will.

Oh and then there are the dickhead sociopath players. But that is its own issue…

LOL, DH Sociopath players??

i mean… thats all included in trash people/players.

Gaijin changing the maps every update will do nothing for any players with map knowledge. I don’t think anybody who has played a long time even knows the maps anymore. What exactly are we meant to do after spawning? We can’t cap a point to get a plane because CAS is so hated, we can’t head to the enemy spawn due to spawn camping, we can’t hide behind cover as there is none, we can’t get a hull down because they flatted the map.

Being any good and getting kills is crime it seems so you might as well be terrible at the game.