Teamkills dont work quite how they should for me

so lets say i accidentally kill a already dying plane in my helicopter in ground sim, very unfortunate but hes already tumbling down to the earth… No option for me to forgive it, (to be fair i shouldve just said sorry in chat but whatevuh i had to tk a bmp who killed me for no reason( , now lets say im in ground realistic and im fucking around in an spaa, no air targets nearby, i decide to shoot nearby a friendly plane for shits and giggles, and i end up teamkilling it too, absolutely no option to forgive it, but if im in ground sim and in a ground vehicle and kill a friendly ground teammate, i can forgive it, i assume this has to do specifically with… not being able to forgive friendly air targets you’ve killed ?

The trick is to stop shooting at friendlies



Does not sound like an accident to me…

someone plz ban this man.
at least a temp ban.

absolutely no option to forgive it

for what reason, me not being able to say sorry for making an honest mistake? i love how delusional the entire wt fanbase is

then give me an option to forgive them if i do do it like every other teammate also does

“i decide to”
that does not sound like “an honest mistake” though does it.
it was on purpose which is a bannable offence if done to much.

yeah which is why i generally dont do it as much as my teammates ask for it all the time, i like to think of myself as generally competent in the use of anti air vehicles and i generally know if you fire away from where an aircraft is headed, you wont hit it, i did hit it and i couldnt apologize

i think in total ive done it 2x intentionally, once for a bmp who killed me while i was in a heli, and then one of my squad friend people for the hell of it

what do you mean? do your teammates ask to be teamkilled?

they use cas, which is the ultimate evil, and they use air, also the ultimate evil

and thereby they want to be teamkilled?
what backwards logic is that?

nay, they deserve it, but i dont act on it, because as much as this game is cbt, im still addicted to it

Intentionally firing on teammates is against the rules, not an “honest mistake”.

the killing them part is the honest mistake, please read :p

Ok, where did I say killing? FIRING ON TEAMMATES is against the rules. Please read.

why do so many of you use proper grammar in some weird measure of superiourity, anyways yeah i suppose that does make sense

So, because people use a thing in game, they deserve punishment because you declare it to be so? Please never be on my team. Actually, please never be in any of my games.