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Good Afternoon,
I would like to put forth the suggestion that friendly fire in respect to aircraft weapons not including ground attack ordnance be changed or removed.

I am sure the Warthunder team is aware of the animosity created by people being teamkilled. My suggestion would be that friendly fire system be removed or reflected damage be added for all aircraft weapons excluding bombs and rockets. I understand that friendly fire with ground ordnance creates a balance by keeping people from bombing a friendly filled area indiscriminately, but the aircraft to aircraft friendly fire causes nothing but issues. As it stands all it does is enable people to grief others, cause undue drama, destroy games, and is used to get other players into trouble for retaliatory actions. I believe a reflected damage system would be best for fixing this broken system. It would penalize the intentional teamkiller and also teach non-intentional teamkillers to be more careful with weapons.

The current system does not deter teamkilling at all as there are squadrons that get together to mass teamkill games, players teamkill because someone bombed a base they wanted to, players teamkill because they get frustrated someone damaged a plane more and they got an assist, and the list goes on. If reflected damage was implemented, all of the punishment would go toward the teamkilling party without the targeted party experiencing a break in gameplay. This system change would also help bring down hate speech, bullying, and insults. It would be a positive step for all players and cut down on toxicity on the community.

I would like to thank you for your time in reading this, and hopefully seriously considering the idea. I really think that this change would be a benefit to all players except for the ones with nefarious intentions.

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I am not sure if you had the chance to follow this thread:

Seeing that we currently discuss more about the root cause of team kills and you want to fight the symptoms, it might be worth you time.

Btw - your proposal still allows “mass team kills” with prop bombers if they chose airfield spawn. In my second post i described a H8K3 killing 4 team mates with bombs…

Ground to ground teamkilling was removed in AB/RB back in 2014 because:
a) its extremely rare that, in a game mode with markers, you’d accidentally teamkill another tank, you could realistically only do it on purpose
b) there was an epidemic of purposeful teamkilling due to flag decals and IRL political events/racist trolling

Air to air teamkilling though has to stay unfortunately, as it is an actual (very basic) skill to avoid t-killing, whether it be with carelessly flinging missiles or spraying with your guns.


Yea it is, but the purposeful teamkilling is just as you described it for air, but probably even worse.

Your entire set of logic is unreasonable, and instead, it makes most players bear the cost. The issue of racial/flag discrimination should be reported and resolved through official organizations, rather than relying on a mechanism of mutual harm to regulate. If according to your logic, TK cannot curb the existence of such discriminatory behavior, it will only cause more revenge

I am saying what actually happened back in 2014 that led Gaijin to turn off teamkilling between tanks in GRB, I am not saying “this is why it should be X…” or what I think, this is the logic GAIJIN used almost ten years ago