Teamkilled by friendly because I was flying towards a base

Unironically deserved for bringing bombs/rockets on a fighter. You’re actively hindering your team’s chances at wining the game by not playing multirole as fighters.

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Time team kill was turned off in ARB ,keep it for Sim.

I find it pathetic how some people here really try to justify a TK … some people just want to see the world burn


It’s a Phantom

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People actually not bring missile when they use phantom as bombsleigh?

So? The phantom is a fighter/interceptor with multirole capability. You’re contributing nothing to the team by bombing because perhaps only 1/30 matches come down to tickets. Waste of a team slot when he could fly with A2A loadout and help destroy the enemy team rather than zombing

Surely, he can do what the hell he likes when he likes? and not get killed by a teammate.


It’s not upon anyone to decide how the others are “supposed” to play the game, as long as they don’t break any game rules - which committing any team damage or teamkill for whatever reason is, however.

There. Is. No. Justification. For. A. Teamkill.


It doesn’t matter. TK is a no go. You are not worth more then others. And you are not educating others by punishing them.


The thing is, ingame reporting is doing nothing to fix the issue, its happening every single game now and its beyond a joke. I used to say “just report and move on”, but we see nothing stemming the tide.

Gaijin need to do something to change it. Either bring back 15 second base respawns or make teamkilling a plane with a bomb on it a 24 hour ban, 3 days for the 2nd attempt, so on. Nip this pandemic before it gets even worse.

Its at a point I dont even want to play top tier anymore.

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Very true, sadly the game seems to offer pretty much no punishment for people who do it though currently. I am seeing it happen pretty much all the time and my squad mates also seeing it all the time.

When we had the 15-20 second respawning bases, we had zero tks, zero issues or upset about base stealing etc. Putting them to a 4min plus timer was a bad decision and actively harmed the community.

We need to have the quick respawning bases back, or massively harsher punishments for teamkilling to stop it, people find it much easier to just teamkill a plane, bomb and move on to the new game as they get the RP still. Most people I bet dont even report it so they dont really get clapped for it.

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Two first world problems that are one:
Shonuff304 is suffering from an overdose of entitlement.
GhoultheGreat is also suffering from a form of entitlement.

And you know, when I was in Kindergarden, there was this brat, Anette, and she always took the red shovel. If I took it, she took it away from me. I had to use the green shovel. And that has made my life miserable ever since. We didn’t have forums then, so I never got any help with this, but I am glad I can bring it up now.

But now I try to look at the bright side: So far, I have not been killed like this.

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It’s simply a side effect of gaijin not changing ARB bombing in basically forever. Most of them simply suicide bomb with premium bomb busses because it is the fastest way to grind unless you are a very good pilot and average at least 1.5-2 kills per match.

I could also argue that having 4-5 planes that from a team of 16 not participating in A2A in Air RB is disruptive of my team’s gameplay as per the TOS rule you invoked. 5/16 is basically roughly 30% of your team being 54C food.

At the same time like I said it is a syndrome of archaic bombing design but it sure is hella annoying to fight 10v15 when it does happen. Technically just as many times as it happens to your team it happens to the enemy team as well so it averages out

I guess playing the buccaneer at all is against TOS in your view eh xD

If you actually read my posts, you’d see I pertain exclusively to fighter platforms that can be way more useful/effective in A2A. You’re essentially gimping your own team for your own benefit

Nevertheless, this in no way justifies such behaviour.

In all seriousness, NO it isn’t. Nor is slavery a side effect of “so much hard work to do”. It is a “side effect” of entitlement, of considering oneself worthier than others. Otherwise, you can explain all misconducts as side effects. It is a character problem. Which the same person will display elsewhere too, where base respawn time will not matter the least. Hence it can’t be the cause.


But attackers take the same slots as fighters is the point I am making there.

edit: Another option, bring back strike planes air spawns, they will hit the bases and make fighters carrying bombs pointless xD

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Please use this thread to discuss TK: