Teamkill on purpose

So why the hell is there no mechanic that bans people directly for 30 days if they teamkill on purpose with radar spaa?

Just got teamkilled on purpose by a radar spaa and not on accident
player: M_K24974

13:50 min he pre aimed for me and then shot down my nuke bomber on purpose while aiming 40 seconds directly in my direction.

@Stona_WT would be nice if you can tell something to gaijin about those problems, seems like they don´t care at all.
For those who play the game good get nothing from it if they just get shot down by a friendly. The report function also doesn´t ban people, maybe they get a warning.
Maybe each teamkill should cost the teamkiller instantly 100.000 silver lions and they do not earn anything in that battle, so maybe in this way people think twice if it is a good idea to do a teamkill. Maybe a monthly counter could also work.
10 teamkills = 30 day account ban (2. time 6 months account ban, 3. time perm ban)

maybe something happens ever, but I don´t think so at all :/

You need to realize that in most cases the team kill is exceptional. You assume that because you were team killed this same player goes around team killing all the time. They likely don’t and in the grand scheme of things, no one cares. I nor anyone here cares that you were team killed in a match.

I have been team killed before and in those moments I am equally like WTF but at the same time, I just go into the next match. don’t let it spoil your fun, if you had a nuke then you had a great game, who cares that you couldnt drop it, its GG in either case.

The system has an auto-kick/ban system in place if they make too many consecutive team kills

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I often get bombed by friendly planes because my team mates are stupid. It’s just too bad I guess. If they abuse their own team too many times they will get a ban.

You sound overkill with ban for teamkill. Do you know how many troll would abuse these system just to get people banned. In AB and RB you would see plenty of people in rank 1-3 from friendly artilery strike or when battle is over and your team win to kill they CAS.

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