#teamkill #help

Does anyone recognize me from a defyn vid? someone said they saw me teamkill and i was a known teamkiller. I only teamkilled on purpose once and regret it but that was a while ago and i was punished already. Do you think i can appeal if i get banned? because i swear on my life i havent tked on purpose for like 3 months

The teamkill autoban system picks on up multiple tks in a short span. Having one or two here and there won’t ever be an issue for you.

Should be fine, I TK’d like 4-6 times in a week (most by accident) and didn’t get banned for that, but did get chat banned for saying gg’s.

I assure you that sauing “gg” was not what you were chat banned for.

Three month? check ya short-term memory. My works …