Teamkill apology acceptance

So I got teamkilled by arty and the guy said “Sorry” but I did not want to accept the apology and went to press T-3-2 to tell him no but when I hit T, it accepted. Is there a way to remove this? If you want to use the T menu you have to accept the apology. Which is not what you want if you say get bombed or like me, had someone drop arty and kill you while you are in the amidst of killing the enemies. They need to learn the lesson no get away scott free.


Don’t touch anything and it times out as a no.

Do you know how long?

It’s approximately five to ten seconds.


you got killed by arty?

The thing that have many seconds before it drops, so he could have dropped it long before you were even at the spot AND there is orange smoke to warn you, and still you stayed in the zone?

And still you are blaming him for it?


I can understand getting mad when getting bombed, or shot down by direct fire, but arty?


You could also emphasise your unhappiness of the situation by messaging him whilst in battle or after the fact.

Sounds like the fault of the person who cant see orange smoke.
Also if you have poor crew then the arty takes longer to actually land so you can fire upon an area long before it lands. Sounds like you either decided to risk it or were not paying attention.

Any reasonable player would understand that and accept the apology. I would be embarrassed to come on here and actually declare otherwise.


don’t eat the yellow snow and don’t stand in the orange smoke.

Nice rules to live by.


And when it happens that you find yourself eating yellow snow while standing in orange smoke in the Hotel California, you had too much acid…


Never forgive, never forget.

Either you throw arty at those who piss you off, extremely passive players who need to move their ass, or those who stupidly and blindly drive into your arty.
There’s really no need to apologise in either situation. It’s a game feature that should never have been added in the first place.

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never forget/forgive what exactly?

If people are dumb enough to enter or stay in arty it’s their own fault, so there are nothing to be mad about.

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It doesn’t tho

Iv had them still accept several minutes later

yes, but sometimes you cant get away because of enemies waiting for you to leave cover - its not always so simple…

And then it’s just a type of “shit happens”

I swear some War Thunder players are the most annoying f***s i have ever had the displeasure of playing with, they take everything as a personal slight.

Just suck it up and have fun guys.