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Realistic ground battles suffers from a severe lack of team play which is a crucial aspect of it as playing lone wolf will usually result in a swift death and a defeat

One of the reasons this happens is that if you aren’t in a squad with people you’re calling, communication with the team is dysfunctional at best since you can’t always type out important information, teammates have chat disabled, don’t read it, there’s a language barrier or they aren’t paying attention at the map

To try and help solve this I’ve come up with a change that would give 3D information to your team using a mix of already existing mechanics; Set target for squad and UAV pinging

As it stands now, if you want to highlight something to your team you either have to shoot at it to create a marker but revealing your position or squad ping → open map → Designate grid square, which is not very versatile and easily ignored/overlooked
And if you aren’t on a light tank with UAV capabilities relaying accurate locational information to your team can only be done with Active Scouting of targets in your direct sight

Using the “Team Target” radio command will create a brief blue 3D mark to your team near where you’re pointing and a map alert

Similar to pinging with UAV, the command cannot be spammed because the radio will filter it out

It won’t be as strong as Active Scouting a target because you aren’t giving a an accurate real time updated location of the target and it might just be your teammate relying you important information with a direction similar to other ping systems like for example; Team marker is placed → Teammate: head there to flank, I’ll head through the other side

This is the mockup i made in hopes of giving a clearer delivery of my thought process

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Yes!!! This is so needed!!!