Team-killing punishment and Boosters

Team-killing needs to stop. there is always that one person that will shoot someone at the start of the battle or will try to make you crash. I have lost multiple boosters this way and I bet lots of ppl also.

The punishment for team kill on the 1st 3 min of the fight should be more severe.( ban x hours , more SL, etc ) Since you are not engaging enemies at that time and with the new economic changes the current punishment isn’t enough. Further into fights mistakes happen and missiles act weird sometimes, so imo once the “First kill” is on the current punishment is ok but not before it.

Should also be a way to recover your boosters if you are the victim of a team kill before the “First Kill”

Lets make this game more enjoyable and fair to everyone,

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Fully agree!

Fully agree too! There is no place for such guys in wt. But imho you should clarify that you refer to Air RB - in Ground RB you need another vehicle class to score a teamkill - ignoring those guys pushing others out of cover or into a river.

Imho disabling friendly fire for 1-3 minutes in Air RB (until first blood) would be equally effective as imho these creatures are simply trying to destroy the game of others - and if they got banned they just open a new account. So an increase of SL punishments won’t discourage those guys.

The griefing i see within base attackers is imho on the same disgusting level.

The only real solution would be a complete disabling of friendly fire in Air RB like the guys in Ground RB have. Gaijin always said they see friendly fire in Air RB as essential for realism. Following this logic Ground RB is just Ground AB without markers…

Fully agree too, refund of boosters later is imho critical as this is will be abused…