Team killing over a name you should quit or banned even telling someone to kd themselves

This kind of people should be playing even team killed me

They’re just toxic people who take out their household anger in game. just report them for team killing and move on.
Personally I’m in support of publicly shaming these kinds of people because this is bullying but i think gaijin policy might be against that so bear that in mind. Otherwise i have no mercy left for gutter trash like them.


Trust me @Armen_Lozone is right but events make it so much worse. I was in a ground battle and I killed a guy once and he started spamming that I’m a bitch and I’m so trash when he only had 2 - 3 kills, then he started DMing me after the battle calling me a bitch trash nerd boy then blocked me.
Its as Armen said, they are just gutter trash of the game.


In the early days, it was rare that a Russian player didn’t DM me. I now know more Russian curse words than any other language.



People who unironically let out their personal political beliefs against others in the Game are beyond cringe.
Or those who name themself after some sexual fetish / sexuality, i don’t know why that is even allowed.


While glorifying or even honoring the confederate states of america is obviously stupid. they were are regressive group that started a war they couldn’t win, lost handedly and were treated mercifully. How would anyone know that having “confederate” in a username is referring to the CSA? switzerland is a confederacy. It’s also cynical to teamkill someone over something like that, even if it’s true. sure, express your displeasure. don’t teamkill.

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Like I tell people don’t like it keep it to yourself if ur in a team and you kill a team member you affect the whole team you can believe or think what you want but it’s a game no one comes in a game to hear someone cry about anything lol after he killed me the whole team started attacking him lol he was reported by everyone

‘express your displeasure’ - don’t. No one cares about your political beliefs or what you like or not and it is also against the Chat Rules.

And its time you could spend actually playing the Game and its irritating for other people when you clog up the Chat with not-game related Stuff and expressing your displeasure will just lead to a chain of arguments between people.

And especially if you choose not to help someone out because of the Nation they play, some decals or their Name you are just griefing your whole Team and its unsportsmanlike behaviour


Not sure what you were expecting when you made your name political 🤦‍♂️

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it was almost 160 years ago! Maybe time to let it go people. If there are still people who have the beliefs of the confederate states in 2024, complaining about them in an online game isn’t game isn’t going to do anything.

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The name is not political at all people make it political so there’s no one to blame but the people that think it’s political

I think a lot of people have a small brain and do not know what the confederate word means:)

You also know what is most commonly associated with the word.

When I say swastika you will most likely think of the Nazi Germany before Buddhist traditions…

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