Team killing is frequent and you still loose spawn points

Even people with high level accounts are team killing frequently either shooting nukes down or team killing friendly CAS i can only imagine this is for some sort of selfish scheme to gain as much rp/sl as possible at the cost of the team. the main problem is level 100s feel perfectly safe from punishment team killing without fear of punishment.

There should be serve punishment for team killing a friendly nuke plane.

CAS can bomb friendly units without immediately receiving crew lock.

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Should mind out, you shouldn’t name and shame, but I know a few on the forums here who do TK out of some sort of spite…

And yes, TKers should be given no quarter now, it’s got well beyond a joke. From the RB match where the squadron team took out thier entire team, and to this being a constant ‘issue’ now, it should be a forfeit situation.

It’s never a mistake or an accident, they’re genuinely just being complete dips and we shouldn’t have to put up with thier stupid decisions and jealousy.

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ill remove the image

But yea, this kind of silliness should add up to a point where they genuinely lose thier account because they’re disrupting everyone elses gameplay.

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True. They can do it to one tank and be fine. I believe it is the same for the other way around too.