Task for Tankers

40k Mission Points for a Star is imho to steep especially over the course of 2 days. What are your thoughts. I believe this an intention grind like all things gaijin to incentive people to buy the stars instead of earn them. At the moment the 40k reward is taking about 6 hours of game time which is entirelly too steep for the average player. This should either be extended across 3-4 days or reduced to 25k-30k mission reward.

Once again another reason not to spend money on this game, if they actually modeled after successful MMO’s that REWARD their players and INCENTIVIE them to play or spend money they might actually make some.

I can do the ground grind in 1 day but it’s more chill over the span of 2 days. I don’t even try to grind it hard i just play fun vehicles in ground and let the score rack up over time, as if i played normally.

The fastest I have done it is 18 games and 64 kills which still took about 5-6 hours and no offense if I had no life then sure I could do it in a day but most people dont have 3 hours every evening to play tanks much less have any real desire to.

What would be the best way for war thunder to accomodiate people who don’t have any desire to grind the events and don’t have much time for it? (without losing all of their profits, as their employees need to get paid too).

I know you said reduction, etc, would there be better ways for it?

The content is already created so whether people play for the event vehicle or not doesnt impact their bottom line. What does impact their bottom line is people that stop playing the game in general because Gaijin doesn’t incentive people to play. Give us 3 days instead of two and people will play more. Reduce the cost of literally everything by half and people will spend more. Fix the issues that players have complained about for literally years and again, people will spend more. They spend more time frustrating players than making good content people want to spend money on.

Have you considered making a suggestion of this? Suggestions - War Thunder — official forum

I’ve been around long enough to know that the suggestions thread is all but useless. Most of the things I have suggested have eventually been implemented but years later.

Well, how else can you make change?

Honestly, the only time I have seen Gaijin actually make a positive change is when they get review bombed. To answer your question, you don’t, they will do whatever they want.

I will NEVER forget when they had so many complaints about Night battles that the developers literally responded with “If you don’t like it then don’t play.” Guess what the player response was and what happened to night battles.

That is a TERRIBLE way to make change. The night battle option was suggested years ago and look how long it took to implement and what the players had to “endure” before it happened.