Targeting another tank

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In most tanks, the most fragile part is the side.

Why then are there people who, when aiming, position themselves placing the cannon perpendicular to the tank’s body?

I find it strange, very strange…


They are trying to angle their body to get the best defence.
Armor Angles 2

Because in this game you’re going to get penned all the time anyways in most vehicles, but vehicles are narrow but long, shooting it from the front allows it to pass through the entire vehicle and kill the entire crew, whilst from the side it’s a lot more difficult to hit the entire crew in one shot… so if you don’t have armor, that could increase your chances of survival.

Although most of the time people probably do not do it intentionally and it’s just likely to happen when people are traveling around the map, then it’s just better to shoot because shooting first is a better gamble than trying to get your front armor facing the enemy.

It’s why the Tiger struggles in the other image because you don’t travel at a 35 degree angle so it’s not the optimal angle for the armor to be effective but it’s pointless to sacrifice a shot in order to try and angle the armor… as an enemy that is disabled or dead is less likely to kill you than angled armor is likely to save you.

Not much of a question, is it? What tier ? Rank? What era? New players? Veterans? Why do so many players do so many odd things? I see odd decisions while watching replays of those who won with ten or more kills, doing things I wouldn’t do.

With so much flanking going on and multiple enemies who is to say what any enemies tank is side on to, they may have two or enemies in sight.

Lots of reasons really depending on the situation. As mentioned and shown already it increases effective armour as well as using the enemy bounce angles against them.

If you side scrape you also ha e a lot of tracks, wheels etc that can potentially bounce or absorb the damage. And makes you a smaller target.

If that round does then penetrate its more likely not going to knock out all the crew just with spalling and if done right might just take engine damage the the crew is still alive and they can fight back.

The there is u stabilised guns. If facing forward the sudden stop bounces the gun up and down the most extreme. If side on the gun tends to roll more then bounce and is stable much faster to shoot.

And lastly some people just don’t understand armour or ha e little awareness to their hull angle.

Some tankers like to use the engine block as a shield for there ammo or point in a direction because they have no reverse

Except an angled Tiger is a smart Tiger. Never advance directly toward the objective anyway. That ensures the flattest part of your armor is exposed to the enemy and you will shortly be a dead Tiger.

Look guys, this is the tank’s position. I will never position my tank like that.

Anyway, it’s never too long

For higher BR matches sometimes you have to shoot before you can angle your hull but most of the people get tunnel vision and they don’t think about their armor and they just keep shooting.
But when you go lower in BR and you see more Tigers, Jumbos and Panthers you are going to see more of the hull angling cause turrets don’t have as much speed as a higher BR tank would have so they have to turn their hull and turret to be able to shoot the enemy vehicle in time.
Also most players in the lower BRs mostly just sit back and snipe cause the tanks of that time were made to do it.

Sounds great in theory but without knowing where the enemy is, how do you angle towards them exactly?
And going down a street you end up being a ping pong ball, it doesn’t work.


You angle towards teh one(s) you do know or where you expect htem to come from, and what’s wrong with moving like that?

If you are on a street then for starters you do know the enemy is going to be shooting down it even if they aren’t there yet!

You angle towards one and then the other shoots you, and I mean have fun driving like that, drive a few meters, stop, turn, rotate turret, drive a few meters, stop, turn, rotate turret, drive a few meters, stop, turn, rotate turret.

And then you get lolpenned anyways.

You assume there’s another - that isn’t always hte case… and if you don’t angle towards any then you get even less benefit.

And you don’t have to stop to turn - how many games have you played??

Maybe I’d like to actually have my gun aimed in the right direction? Crazy thought.

yeah - ain’t nothing I or anyone else said stopping you from doing that - except the impression I’m getting you don’t know how to play hte game!!

With a stock turret rotation of like 10 degree… what’s the point of angling your armor to gain an advantage when you can’t even return fire.

Maybe I didn’t explain myself.

The guy is on top of a hill, or something, standing there shooting at someone, or waiting for someone to shoot.


You pay attention to the map and to where everyone is shooting. I didn’t say drive zigzag. I said don’t drive directly toward the objective, but at an angle.

If someone is shooting you in the side then your team failed to protect the flanks or you over-extended.

In most tanks is your key word. It’s tank and BR dependent on whether you should angle.