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EDIT: The bug is caused when you turn your radar off

Bug Report Submitted: Community Bug Reporting System

Before this update (2.37 Seek and Destroy), when using a Targeting Pod (TGP) on an aircraft you could lock moving ground targets in a similar fashion to how helis lock ground vehicles, with a green box, and with another input, a circle within the green box to guide the munition more precisely as shown below.

However since 2.37s implementation these aircraft can no longer acquire target lock:

  • F-14B (LANTIRN)
  • A-6E TRAM (Internal Camera)
  • Su-25T (Internal Camera)
  • Tornado Gr.1 (TIALD)
  • Harrier GR.7 (TIALD)
  • Gripen C (UK) (LITENING II)
  • Q-5L (K/PZS-01)
  • JH-7A (K/ADC03A)
  • Gripen C (ITA) (LITENING II)
  • Mirage 2000-5F (Damocles)
  • Mirage 4000 (ATLIS II)
  • Jaguar A (ATLIS II)
  • Mirage 2000D-R1 (CLDP)
  • Barack II (LITENING II)

Aircraft that are not affected:

  • Su-39 (Mercury)
  • Su-25SM3 (Internal Camera)
  • Mig-27K (Internal Camera)

After looking through all the above camera, I do not have an idea of what caused this bug, but it is a substantial nerf to the vehicles effected, hitting a moving tank becomes nearly impossible unless you sit in the TGP camera and fly straight.

I do not have all vehicles with a TGP spaded, (Jaguar GR.1B/Kurnass 2000/Gripen C (SWE)) so If those vehicle also have issues please comment below. The purpose of this thread is to spread awareness and have a light hearted poke at a development bug that affects most of us.

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Swedish Gripen C (LITENING II) is missing from your list

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For me the Su-39 and Tornado ASSTA are/were also affected. In fact all aircraft (planes and helicopters) are not able to track any targets when having the option “Automatic activation of radar at mission start” deactivated in the aircraft mission settings. Aircraft that have a radar were able to track when I activated their search radar.

Your poll is trolling.

My poll is an obvious joke.

And I have also already submitted a bug report for this issue.

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@Gunjob @_David_Bowie @InterFleet @Smin1080p

I have submitted the requisite bug report for this issue, it currently effects all aircraft/helis with a targeting pod/optical tracker.