Tanks losing stabilisation?

I’m almost certain this is a bug and wanted to confirm this with others.

Since the last update the WMA301 will randomly lose it’s stabiliser when moving and stopping, on soft deformable ground. I noticed it the other day on the desert town map, whereby simply moving back and forward the gun lost all stabilisation, then drove onto tarmac and the gun gained regained it’s stabilised properties!? Then I’ve just had the same bug on Japan with the WMA301 again.

Test drove the VRCC and couldn’t get it to happen, test drove the Type 16 and it lost stabilisation at top speed. I’m not sure if this is intentional?

Single plane stabilised tanks are also losing their stabiliser near top speed, the Type 59 for example. I see no example why a single plane stabilised tank should act like an M4 Sherman and lose stabilisation at higher speeds, there is nothing to suggest the Type 59’s (T-54A’s) stabiliser should only work at slow speed.


I believe stabilizers stop working entirely above 75kmh, which is why fast tanks lose stabilization at high speeds.

I’m not sure what causes the issues with the WMA301. Gaijin did recently change how stabilizers work (they shouldn’t speed up the guns movement now) so it could be that.

WMA is really bad, I have no idea what the problem is but that can’t be right, if you move slightly it will kick the gun all over the place… and if you shoot it tends to also kick up the barrel for no obvious reasons and it screws up the ATGM.

I thought it might be linked to the patch as well, but I couldn’t recreate the bug with other wheelie boys in the test drive.

Also tanks just outright losing stabilisation at high speeds is non-sensical.

It’s called recoil. The WMA is a very tall, relatively narrow tank with a very high mounted gun. This gives it a very high center of gravity, which combined with the relatively low weight means the recoil impulse is going to have much more effect on the hull. You can see this in third person, firing the gun (especially sideways relative to the hull) causes the entire hull to rock on it’s suspension, ocsillating faster than the stabilizer can counter. However, this doesn’t affect the ATGM from my testing in test drive, which makes sense since it’s a much lower pressure charge, and thus has less recoil.

Frankly, tanks maintaining perfect stability up until an arbitrary speed limit is the nonsensical part. Every stabilizer IRL has different limits as to what level of oscillation they can counter (And thus what speed they will work at under normal conditions), but they will lose stabilization gradually as they approach that limit, not suddenly stop once a magic number is hit.

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It’s the ATGM specifically that kicks up, and after it’s launched as well which makes no sense, and this causes you to miss your target since your aim controls the missiles, and the kick causes the missiles to go up.

And even without, the suspension is really bad with how it throws the stabilizer all over the place even when doing 5km/h.

I can’t replicate this in test drive. The closest I can get is when firing at the exact limit of your gun depression, in which case the gun has difficulty stabilizing as obviously it’s already at the limit of travel. Even then, the kick is so limited that unless you’re firing the ATGM at point blank range, it’ll still hit. Well, so long as the drop doesn’t put it into the ground, but that’s a (suspected ahistorical) issue with all ATGMs.

Maybe record a video?

Well, we must also keep in mind that many of the stabilizers work better than how they worked in reality. Stabilizers like those of the Centurion Mk3, T-55 and others were more useful for being able to fire when stopping the tank than for firing in movement. However, in the game they have made all the stabilizers the same.

I can’t replicate it either, it’s fine in test drive and doesn’t happen in game all the time either, I’m not sure what causes it to happen exactly since it’s not inherent.

I had it where slight movements caused huge jolts. Like unstabilised jolts.

It normally bounces around when stopping though.

The only theory I could find was deformable ground. The jolts stopped on tarmac.

Some stabilisers tend to not work under certain speeds.
Sometimes when moving across certain terrains your horizontal targetting might not keep uo with stabilisations, thus causing your tank to be unstabilised.
Sometimes you simply might lack needed gun depression to keep the stabilisation.

Yeah I understand that, especially with the poor vertical traverse speed and angles on Soviet/Chinese tanks, however the bug with the WMA is completely different, it just rocks like an un-stabilised tank when moving ever so slightly.

Its the suspension paired with the horrible depression making you lose stabilization.

As crazy bad the suspension is, being stationary shooting an ATGM shouldn’t kick up the barrel.

Recoil + soft suspension = wobbling
wobbling = losing stabilization

It really doesn’t wobble from shooting an ATGM.

it does wobble very slightly. If your gun is fully depressed and you fire an ATGM that wobble will destabilize you because the gun cant depress any further. Go ahead and test drive it. You will see what i mean

If you’re maxed on depression, maybe, but I know it has happened when elevating upwards or in neutral position.

Either way I’d argue this is kinda excessive in itself.

I believe that they only no longer speed up horizontal traverse, vertical is unchanged