Tanks becoming invisible when in or around smoke

Title says it all. Have seen this issue a few times since the last update but today it was really obvious.
When smoke is deployed, tanks instantly become purely invisible. And this also works when they’re nearby the smoke screen.
Submited a bug report and saw that a lot of other people had the same issue, so it’s not a problem on my side.

On this pic there is an IS-2 and a T34 right in front of me. Not behind the building, just in front with their guns pointing at me. Smokes have just been deployed and it turns all nearby tanks totally invisible.


I’ve seen this on Xbox Series S, maybe it isn’t a bad thing, because the smoke is supposed to make tanks invisible.

It’s been happened for the last month. I thought they would of fixed it by now. The trouble is the tanks will instantly disappear from what I see. As soon as they touch smoke they are gone. They have also been known to instantly appear from the smoke, sort of like a jump scare.

I suppose its not too bad, because it would mean you also vanish in smoke (to the enemy).

Yes exactly.
It is bad though because some tanks don’t even have smokes and this bug is inconsistant. Sometimes it’s instant vanish while other times it’s just the regular smoke effect.

Smoke don’t make them invisible, they hide them. Otherwise it’s magic.
Once again, we’re not on a **** game called WoT so tanks aren’t supposed to become invisible. Also, it’s game breaking to stand at the edge of a smoke screen where everyone should be able to see you and being totally invisible.

it hasn’t gotten me killed yet but its a very common bug wonder what in the code sparked it

Welp, as you can see on the picture i posted, it killed me for sure. And i’m particularily mad about it because otherwise I’ve could have killed them easily.

it is upsetting how often these invisible bugs come up through out updates