Tank spam is killing ground forces (carcassonne)

Does it make you rage when you get 1 shot killed by an enemy tank you did not see
Another thing is everyone getting pushy at spawn and fish tailing me into a solid tree, why not make everyone transparent while you have invulnerability, or even better bring in team kill

yeah how dare people play tanks in the tank game mode /s


I know what you mean. Sure, they have shrunk the maps and flattened all the hills, but it’s insane that they still expect us to look left AND right.

I’m still waiting for the magic spawn forts so I can sit, invulnerable for the whole game and then get my partipation certificate.


Why would anyone rage after getting killed by something you could’ve killed back as easily ?

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Its the did not see bit 😆

Planes ONLY Combined Battles WHEN!?!?!?!

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Honestly I wish Gaijin would just monitor my blood pressure and if anything even vaguely upsets me, everyone else dies and I get a victory screen with 200k SL/RP/GE made entirely with soft colors and text with rounded edges and calming music plays. It’s crazy that it’s 2023 already and it’s still possible to feel any negative emotion at all when playing a multiplayer game…


Uhm dont you mean 2024 😆



Tell me about it. It’s so annoying dying to other tanks.

And what grinds my gears even worse is those tanks with stealth technology that don’t render until after they’ve shot at you. Gaijin please, fix the anti-cheat system that creates this issue. It’s nonsense. And if it’s not that it’s the Russian Bias crutching players that succeed so much just by holding W after they spawn. If only Russia was removed from the game we’d see some semblance of balance.

I still try to like this game but Gaijin makes it near-impossible.

That’s not a thing, kind sir.

Years of experience playing this game tells otherwise, but you’re free to disagree regardless.

Not everyone will have the same experience playing this game.
I had been playing this for years and never had issues with their tech.

Like last time; Smells like bullshit to me but I’ll let it lie for the sake of not arguing in a pointless circle since neither of us will change our position. We have had such discussions before and came to the same conclusion prior of agree to disagree.

So Your stats on russian vechicles are going to be better than on other nations?

My years of experience tell me that USA is the best nation

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I can’t BS you since stats are publicly available.
I can maintain similar levels of performance in vehicles regardless if they’re from USSR or not.

But, that’s why it’s my personal experience.

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Britsh tanks mid tier are so weak