Tank, Light, Mk VIII, Harry Hopkins (A25): The Airborne Disaster

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Hi everyone, today I would like to suggest the final Vickers-Armstrong Light tank made for the British Army, The Light Tank Mk VIII, also known as the Harry Hopkins. The tank was intended to rectify issues that presented themselves in the Mk VII Tetrarch, and took the form of numberous changes with the most notable being an increase in its width, length and weight and and overall thickness of the armour. The design was submitted to the war office in 1941, with an initial order of 1,000 tanks being made by the tank board of the war office, which within a month increased to 2,410.Production proper began in June 1942, but problems with the design quickly manifested and a number of modifications had to be made by the War Office and the Fighting Vehicle Proving Establishment. These delays ment that only 6 had been produced by mid-1943, and a total of only 100 being produced by the end of february 1945, way below the initially planned production lot. Regardless of these issues i feel that it would be a fine addition to the game, and add another interesting light tank to the british arsenal :).png β€œ:)”)

Military Model Scene no Twitter: The first #TankTuesday of 2021. I have gone for the Tank, Light, Mk VIII (A25), the Harry Hopkins. Intended as a replacement for the Tetrarch but large production order cancelled  only 100 built. This survivor is ...

Historical information:

The Harry Hopkins design started as an improvement of the Tetrarch light tank, but by mid-1941, officials in the War Office and the British Army had taken the decision that light tanks were no longer to be used by the British Army due to their deemed inferiority in regards to both weapons and armour. This initial poor perofrmance during the conflict resulted in the Mk VIII being deemed obsolete by the time any significant number of the tanks had been manufactured and it never saw front line service. Because of the sizable investment in resources the project needed, the War Office made a number of plans to attempt to use the vehicle, including equipping reconnaissance units with them, or the unsuccessful idea of attaching wings to them so that aircraft could tow them as gliders into position to support airborne forces. Unfortunately these ideas where deemed unsuitble and the manufactured tanks where handed over to the RAF for use in airfield defence. One additional variant was designed called the Alecto t he Alecto self-propelled gun, which was to have mounted a howitzer or anti tank gun to be used as a close-support vehicle by airborne forces; however only a few were ever produced and they just like the Hopkins were never used in actual combat.

At the end of the day, the role this tank was intended to fill was instead taken by lend-lease Stuart tanks, resulting in there being no real need for this intersting tank, relegating it to secondary roles. Hopefully in War Thunder this unique vehicle whill finally have a chance to shine.

Historical pictures:

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Tank, Light Mk.VIII A25, Harry Hopkins (1941)

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Light Tank Mk VIII - Wikipedia


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It is worth noting the tank also has a smoke grenade launcher like alot of british tanks from the era, which is the odd looking tube mounted on the front of the turret.


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  • Tank, Light Mk.VIII A25, Harry Hopkins (1941)

Would be fantastic for a future light tank/armoured car line. Would play like a British M5 Stuart.

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If you ask me ,it’s look like a good event/premium tank(good mobility and firepower) maybe once a time it will be join the game.

Other suggestion:
I suggest to when once a time will join the game, it will able to use theres ammo:
-Shot Mk.1 AP/T(AP)
-Shell Mk.2(HE)
-Shot Mk.1 APHV/T(AP)
-Shell Mk.1 AP/T(APHE)

+1, the UK needs more light tanks