Tandem warheads for Adats when?

So when can the Adats get tandem rounds?

Make a suggestion or bug report with historical sources that backup the claim.


Why? Top tier is completely made up. They should just make it happen.

That’s not how any of this works.

Source or no go.


2s38 begs to differ.

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Make a sourced bug report if you think its wrong.

2S38 is a production vehicle, and not top-BR.
Everything at top BR is real, nothing is made up.

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What proof do you have that it and it’s rounds are real? Other than a picture of it in parade?

The same exact proof that Abrams SEP V3 is real.
Ammunition is cataloged and available on the export market as well.
The 57mm VT round is quite literally decades old.

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Conveniently ignores the sabot.

Weird since my post addressed that.


You only talk about one shell. The VT shell.

No, I talk about all the ammunition, and reference the VT shell is old.

Read posts before replying to them next time.

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Still only talking about the VT.

I mean the reason I wouldn’t flag it is cause you didn’t insult anyone.
2S38 is hard & easy to face at the same time.
I loved when they were spammed at 11.7 cause I was stock grinding a tank.

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Oh boy i feel your pain. My stock paper armoured kpz 70 was always taken out cuz they had thermals and a killer aphe

2S38 is good but most of the players who use them have no clue what they are doing.They play like literal bots.

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I dont think it had tandem atgms

hasnt even left trials yet

From information that I can find from creditable available records/reports, no other missiles were used on the Canadian ADATS. However I have heard of the vehicle possibly being modified to fire CRV-7 rockets and/or CRV7-PG laser guided rockets, but I haven’t found solid enough evidence to be able to make a suggestion or historical report.