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After the Kings of Battle update the RealShatter was broken again. Every single 20 and 30mm HE shells (including missiles) has a bad damage again, its not that bad that was before the first fix, but its really still annoying wasting more time to killing 1 enemy because of a bad damage. During this time u can be easily killed by the other enemies or the allies can steal your frag. This mechanic ruined Air Battles and makes some jets unplayable. Gaijin can’t fix this mechanic about a year and they don’t want to remove this stupid mechanic. For someone who still dont understand what is the RealShatter:


Also, here is the few examples of RealShatter moments:

  1. Su-25 survived a lot of hits from MiG-17F

  1. DEFA damage on the CL-13 and MiG-15bis (P.S this video was taken between the first RealShatter fix and Kings of battle update, where this mechanic was broken again)

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  1. Bad damage of the missiles:

  1. The damage of the MiG-15bis-ISH guns

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This youtube video is incorrect. Realshatter is not the problem for low damage. Realshatter is just an algorithm. it takes in numbers given to it by gaijin, and spits out the results. Low damage of weapons, is either caused by a bug, or that it is what agaijin wants it to be. if you have specific issues, bug report them and see what you get back. But just going of what some youtuber says is generally a bad idea, these people are paid to lie to you, and 99% of the time they dont even know what they are talking about if they wanted to tell the truth.

I already sended bug report 9 months ago, when every single gun has a trash damage [except Akan and MG 20mm guns], and the TrickZZter said, that there is no any problems with the damage and its not a bug. The other bug reports about RealShatter was been accepted, because they were answered by other moderators and they said there was indeed a bug. It was “fixed” in and was broken again after Kings of Battles update

Please can you link the bug report that was denied and the ones that were accepted.

Also please can you define what you see as broken? Is it just that things arent doing as much damage as you expect them to?

During the Sky Guardians update (2.25) i stopped playing on the other aircrafts and played only on the Swedish aircraft, cuz their 20mm guns was the only guns, which was not affected by RealShitter and has a really good damage. But in 2.27 swedish Akans has been also affected by RealShitter and now they are garbage like the rest of the guns.

Here is another good example, where Gaijin are doing an extremely bad job on RealShitter: just take a look at a IAI damage difference between 12.7 Berezin UB MG and DShK. They both using the same IAI bullet, but by the Gaijin logic - the IAI bullet from DShK has a better damage, cuz its not affected by RealShatter

The preview for damage on planes is inaccurate. it is not a good representation of what would happen in a real match. either way, like i said before, the decrease in damage may be intentional. we have no way of knowing

Oh, no, i already know a good representation what it is looks like in a real match, and it is so realistic, that the gunners inside the Tu-4 surviving RB24 hit, and im even not talking about that Tu-4 ate half of ammo from SAAB-105

So what do you want to change. do you want all guns to do more damage? Do you think there is a bug?

Its been a year, since this mechanic was added in the game and Gaijin still can’t fix it. And since there’s no way they can fix it, wouldn’t it be easier to just disable or delete it?

Because it is not broken. The levels of damage in the game are most likely intentional. if you want there to be more damage per shot then submit it as a suggestion

Not broken…? Rlly? I send enough of proofs that is fully broken and unrealistic and i think the other players can also confirm it

This is why i asked you to define what you think is broken. what you mean to say is that it isnt doing as much damage as you want it to. Weather its unrealistic or not is neither here nor there

According to research by the other players: "the low damage is intentional. If you look up the gun files, there is a countPortion attribute. This attribute is set to 0.3 on aircraft guns. It controls the amount of fragmentation created. 0.3 means that the gun creates 70% less fragmentation than normally.

People have already tested this and changing the countPortion to 1 seems to bring the damage back to previous state. This can be tested by starting up a custom mission."

I have seen this copypasted elsewhere, but never actually seen it backed up by anything. But if it is true, then it basically proves everthing ive just said. the damage has been intentionally lowered by gaijin, and realshatter is not the issue, it is completely intentional.

Here is the github link to the game files, when u can take a look at the stats of the guns, bombs, rockets, missiles,

Almost every single missile, guns, bombs has this stats, which is mean that they are affected by RealShatter:

“shatter”: {
“useRealShatters”: true,
“countPortion”: any value,

Here is some examples:


Everything else, that doesn’t have the above meaning is still not affected by RealShatter and still has an old damage and normal fragmentations that was before adding RealShatter in the game. For example: Germany 20 and 30mm guns, 37-mm Soviet NS-37 and American M4/M10 is still not affected by RealShatter.

Also, for some reason, all torpedoes countPortion has a 0 value, i tested one of the torpedoes on the bot ships and torpedoes didnt doing any fragmentations

Please use already existing topic to discuss this.