Taking a Break from Game, Staying Active in the Forum

Just a heads-up: I’m taking a temporary break from War Thunder gameplay. Some might mock this as a dramatic exit, but truth be told, I couldn’t care less.

The game has started to feel more like a chore than a source of enjoyment, with vehicles feeling uninspired and lacking novelty. So, I’m taking the responsible route and stepping back to reassess my priorities.

I’ve seen what vehicles players have proposed here on the forum. I’ve looked forward to see them added for a long time. And nothing, only new vehicles with slight variations. Or straight Copy-paste.

  • me.

During this break, I’ll still be active in the forum discussions, and will continue making suggestions. Feel free to joke about my “dramatic exit,” I’ll return with a fresh perspective and renewed enthusiasm. Until then, catch you on the flip-side. (and ill talk to you guys here soon ig)

Wrong time, you should quit on naval event, like 90% of players 🤣

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XD, Yea darn it.