Takes ages to join once the map loads

I have a fairly fast Win10 pc with a good connection. Haven’t played WT for a few weeks but tonight every time a game starts in Ground Forces it takes ages to get to the vehicle selection screen. I can scroll through other players tanks that are already in the game but for whatever reason I cannot join. Sometimes it only takes 15 seconds to let me join, the last game was well over a minute, all the caps were taken by the time I joined.

Quitting and restarting WT did not fix it and I’m on a local server with a 120 ping.
8 games in a row this has happened, seems to effect about 3-4 players each map.

I have a minute extra delay in 2/3 of my games now. This ruins it. no more fast cap

been like this on the SA server for at least 2 weeks. most matches have 20-90% of players sitting in the loading part for 10-40sec.

This is pretty much an SA server cluster problem since back in like 1? or 2 years ago. I personally never encountered this situation on the other servers so you might want to try the game on other servers instead?

I’ve had it happen on the US clusters before, not often but sometimes.

It has been a near constant thing on the SA server. sucks because the other servers give me 250+ping.