Take part in the Guardian Angel Event for Air Realistic Battles!

Not all fighting in World War II took place at the front lines. Allied aircraft carried out risky missions over German territory in order to destroy factories that were producing enemy armored vehicles.

Much has been dedicated to the heroism of bomber pilots and the fighters covering them — and we want to honor them in our aircraft event too.

When: February 9th (13:00 GMT) until February 12th (13:00 GMT) take part in the Guardian Angel event!

This event takes place exclusively in Air Realistic Battles. The US team has bombers and escorts whose objective is to destroy targets and provide bomber cover. The German team must intercept these bombers and prevent them from destroying their targets!

  • Vehicles available to the US team are: P-47D-22-RE, P-47D-25, P-47D-28, P-51D-5, P-51D-10, P-51D-20-NA, YP-38, XP-38G, P-38E, P-38G-1, B-17E/L, B-17G-60-VE.
  • Vehicles available to the German team are: Bf 109 G-6, Bf 109 G-14, Bf 109 G-10, Bf 109 Z-1, Fw 190 A-5, Fw 190 A-5/U12, Fw 190 A-8, Fw 190 C, Fw 190 F-8, BV 155 B-1, Me 410 A-1/U2, Me 410 B-1/U2, Me 410 A-1/U4, Me 410 B-2/U4.

Want to participate? You can find the Guardian Angel event in Air Realistic Battles through the Events & Tournaments tab in-game.



Maybe announce something like this a bit more early


This ^

Also don’t restrict these things to three days…


I like the concept and always like trying out new things like this alongside seeing gaijin test new things and modes but why run this during a ground only event?
I don’t have timeeeee


This is an old activity. It appeared a long time ago


The point is that we have an attractive air event during a time consuming grind event that allows only ground earned points.

So the event could have been placed between events to allow everyone to participate instead of us laboring away in ground.


Reminds me of the good old war thunder days of 2014.



´>be me, Gaijin
´>run a very time consuming event for Obj292
´>make it ground based only
´>release a niche air based event in the middle of it
´>nobody plays it because everyone is bussy grinding Obj292
´>See guys? We try to test new modes, but nobody is ever interested.
Every single time. Why is Gaijin like this?


Was just about to comment this. Why not put this event during the next vehicles grind event which we know is a plane event. Or even during a 2-3 day break between events.


Cause not everyone is grinding out that tank.


they might not be, but the ones who are are going to be able to enjoy the event less than others.

I have played a few games so far. Crushing Axis victory every time, except when 2-3 bombers leak through and win anyway.

  • The spawns and lineups are very axis biased. Axis planes generally climb far better and perform better at the medium altitude that the bombers are flying at. Why are bombers flying at 5km altitude instead of their historical altitude? Why don’t the allies spawn a little higher? On that note, why is the top Axis fighter a BF-109G-10 while the top allied fighter is arguably the P-51D-10 (a rare premium)?

  • Why do allied bomber players spawn so far out of the bomber formation?

  • Why don’t the bombers eventually burn down? I’ve seen B-17s on fire for several minutes.

  • Why can players bring squadmates with biplanes? Seriously there was a P-26 in my 2nd game.

This is a good idea for an actual mode if it were made semi-permanent, to give high alt fighters and bomber players something that caters more to them.


Seems like the developer put bots to test the event and the bots crashed into B-17 shooters. Otherwise, I don’t know how this balance was achieved

Btw, why no rewards, gaijin?

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There should be a version in Sim format. Red markers just turns it into a mindless crap shoot.

Also, boosted SL rewards should come with these events to promote participation, and just to give back to the community.


this sounds fun. :)

Will bombers still earn RP? I thought this might be a way to spade my B17s given that they are normally cannon fodder.

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Yes! More historical events please!