T95E8 tube-over-bar test rig

I found an example of a T95E8. It has the turret and weapon system from the M60A2, a V12 diesel engine, and a hydropneumatic suspension system. I think it’s kind of cool. What do you guys think? Would this be a good edition to the American tech tree?

Here is a clip of a full walk around, and I also have some photos.


I’m quite interested in why it has a extra plate on the UFP, is this a installed composite brick in the same vein as the T-55AM-1?


I’ll have to ask about that because I’m honestly not sure. I know about the base armor and how it was the first to use a siliceous cored armor consisting of fused silica embedded in cast steel, but this additional plate is a mystery to me.


That’s a pretty interesting tank. Never heard about or seen it before.

Isn’t T95E8 the one with the 120 mm Delta cannon?

Either way, the block of what definitely seems to be armor on the UFP is mega interesting.

The T95E6 would have had a turret from the T96 with a 120mm cannon, but it was never built. The gun on this one is the 152mm gun/launcher that was used on the M60A2 and M551 Sheridan.

I meant this T95E8 with a smoothbore 120 mm

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I just noticed the T95E1 in-game doesn’t have the siliceous cored armor, just regular cast. They should fix that and add this variant in while they’re at it.


That’s the T95E7. It had the turret and 105mm gun that ended up being used on the M60A1 and M60A3.

If that’s the case, they definitely need to fix that because the siliceous cored armor has much better protection against chemical energy penetrators.

After talking to an expert, the best answer I have for you on that additional armor plate is to add weight for suspension testing kind of like the blocks welded to the sides of the turret on the MBT-70.

So its a fat block of steel on the front, neat.

Pretty much. Experimental combat vehicles are usually built using mild steel, so they will end up weighing less than the production variant. Steel blocks will be welded to the hull or turret to simulate that weight if there is a feature on the vehicle that requires the weight of a production vehicle, like hydropneumatic suspension for example, to be properly tested. If this tank would have actually been approved for production, then it would not have had that block on the front.

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It was never built as a full functional mobile tank IIRC. It was just a hulk test rig for the suspension system. The A2 turret is just a mass, maybe what they had lying around, maybe just because the gunner’s and loader’s hatches were easier to get in and out of than a gun tank turret.

First off, I give less than zero fucks what you think of my music selection. Yes, it was built to evaluate all of those technologies. The A2 turret was not just a mass. The T95 was first designed and built in the 1950s, and much of the technology it tested would end up on the M60 series tanks, MBT-70 program, and eventually, the Abrams albeit in a more refined state.

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The various T95 mules were built, hacked, and left laying around for decades. What you saw, is just what was left over, it does not represent an actual prototype program. Which is what you seemed to be trying to depict here. Go spend some time in the basement of
Bldg. 4 if you don’t believe me.

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My mistake, I didn’t catch the smiley face at end of your first sentence there. I apologize for being an ass.

You’re going to have to help me out with the documentation in the basement of BLDG 4. I just signed out on terminal leave last Friday and I’m a few hundred miles away from Fort Moore now.

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No, the T95E7 is different. This is the T95E8 DELTA Test Rig with a 120mm smoothbore gun. Which I’d love to see sitting between the MBT-70 and the M1 Abrams.

It is a modified T95E7 turret they used to mount the 120mm DELTA gun, but it’s the T95E8 hull they mounted it on.

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Question though, is it a stabilized gun, if not I cannot see it being placed after the MBT-70.

Yeah, that’s the problem, I’m not sure.