T95E8 tube-over-bar test rig

If its unstabilized I could frankly see it foldered at 8.3 with the T95E1 we already have.

Would have superior firepower, but the exact same hull and a vastly longer reload, would be a derp gun refit of the T95E1 we already have.

Stabilized, 8.7 right after the T95E1, would be an absolutely fantastic tank to play aside the M60A1 AOS, sporting higher firepower at the cost of mobility and reload.

Then again the Conqueror exists at 7.7 and frankly it would play a lot like that tank but with far less armor.

I would think the 120mm DELTA (a smoothbore firing APFSDS) would have a good deal more pen than the Conqueror’s 120mm rifle firing APDS.

Depends in the end, remember that the conq is outputting 502mm of flat pen with 140mm pen at 60, so when compared to the T95E1’s T320, which sits at 8.3, said APDS is pretty insane for a 7.7 vehicle, that and it’s a 6.37kg projectile so the post penetration damage is also pretty impressive.

In the end we would need to fully see the penetrator power, but as it stands, it does still seem quite similar in usage and practice to the conq.

As a test rig for the DELTA gun in an old T96/T95E4 turret it probably didn’t have stab. Might not have even had power control if all they were doing is development testing of the gun itself.
You would have to dig up the specs of what Ford was told to build, and then kind of imagineer what an actual finished prototype tank would have been like.
And then Gaijin would just do what it wants in the name of “game balance”…

The Hunnicut book on the Abrams will probably have most of the info that you’re looking for seeing as how the first third of the book covers the T95 tanks. Other than that, the best place I can think to look is either the archives at the Armor and Cavalry Collection on Fort Moore, or Detroit arsenal where TACOM headquarters is located. Those records are held somewhere.