T80 UD/Object 292 too low of BR

the fact that the ud has better armor doesn’t mean anything. you’re still shooting at same weakspots. both on 9.7, and 11.7

at same time abrams has better aiming speed, both horizontally and vertically, better depression angles, better reload, better survivability, very good reverse gear, has a thermal imager…
soviet tanks have none of this

what is he superior at? this is a disgusting and inconvenient tank like any tank with similar characteristics.

If you compare ud with leopard 2a4, they are absolutely apples and oranges.

more likely uptiered.

weak tank, need up immediately

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but only the damage is mega random.

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You’re assuming that every penetration = kill, which is quite wrong.
You’ll still have to aim for crew/ammo in order to OHK your enemy, unless of course you like to kill only a single crew member with your shot and getting murdered in return.

Not at all, having a radar of any type is better than TWS, it is there for awareness beyond your eyes as radar can see farther than the game will render aircraft.

No quality of TWS can make non-rendered aircraft render my guy.

image image

Both have identical maneuvering stats capability stats bar the stingers lacking fin lateral area stat. The G limit desc at the bottom is for the stat card only and has no effect on the performance of the missile.

The 9M39 also has higher total delta V from it’s motor. The 9M39 also has a longer burning sustainer to begin with, with the stinger having a burn time of 5.6 seconds and the 9M39 having one that burns for 6.6 seconds, so no that is certifiably false.

It also only has .01kg less filler than the stinger.

So no, the FIM-92 and ATAS is indecently equal or inferior in most respects to the 9M39, and worse in close range effectiveness as it lacks the pre-launch turn that the 9M39 gets.

“overpressure all tanks at it’s BR” Man I wish it could do that with it’s tiny 1.19kg warhead, no it has trouble reliably overpressuring pantsirs which are unarmored trucks, saying it can do so against “all tanks” is incredible cope.

Thanks for letting me know! Guess my friend who told me that had some faulty info haha in that regard haha

The round is not better. It does less spall damage than the 2s38’s round with no substantial difference in penetration in practice. The ROF on the 2s38 is better and the gun handling is about the same.

The 2s38 can do very well as an SPAA at 11.0. While it may have a slightly harder time against jets, against helicopters there is no distinction. Heck, I run the 2s38 at 11.0 anyway. There is literally no difference in performance.

I do agree, i do play russia alot, but the t80 UD needs to be at least 10.3 br, the 2s38 its ok at br 10.

The 10.0 t80ud looks reasonable until the current 11.3 vehicles go to 11.7. What’s more, the stronger t90s only stays at 10.3, or do you think the t90s is worse than the t80ud?

The problem with russia is they have a ton of vehicles that could be moved up .3 BR after like 9.0. So when you say move X up, theres like 3 vehicles straight up better than it only .3 higher and would make the vic dead lineup wise.

I dont see this being fixed until we see ground decompression and gaijin seriously rebalances 9.0+. So many nations have interesting line ups at 9.3/9.7 that are dogwater because of the 10.0/10.3 premium blackhole.

is better than kvt or the pz123 in all possible ways, should be 10.3 br as a minimum.

the t90a is just a useless t72


Sorry, but the 292 is exactly where it should be. It needs the armor to compensate for the sluggish gun handling and slow reload.