T80-bvm,powerfull rus bias or overblow

t80bvm, 2 op in single vehicle or full rus team (80bvm/90m/mig29smt/25sm3)
so what do u think🤔

BVM is outclassed by Leopard 2A7 variants and Swedish upgrades to the 2A5.

The T-90M has better survivability but less reverse speed and reload speed. They’re both good for different situations.


yep, a7v/122 are powerful

so… is bvm stil powerful for rus player

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I’ve always ignored the Russian bias complaints. Just started playing 9.3 UK (So naturally ever game is literally 10.3) and HOLY COW the Soviet tanks are out of control. They are so much better than anything else in the game that it is actually comical!


It’s not that the BVM is so good it’s that the abrams is the worst tank in the game so the BVM goes unchecked.


Please elaborate.

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Abrams worst tank? What?


122b+ and 2a7 are better, but since it’s a combined battle having su25sm3 + pantsir + ka52 makes it impossible ( of course taking about same skill) bmp2m also works nice at top

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Yeah, gaijin still haven’t patched the 500mm tall turret neck and depleted vibranium spall jackets. They should be 5.3 maximum until fixed.

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You’re not addressing entire question though, you say 2A7 and Strv122 better than BVM, okay but what about the SU-25SM3 40km range and Pantsir 20km SPAA. Russia have better IFV’s, SPAA, CAS and up until top tier Russian MBT’s almost always dominate due to Gaijing favouring brawlers.

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No. The T80BVM is not unbalanced. The survivability is unrivaled in tank duels, but there are a few disadvantages that make it about equally good compared to the top Leos 2A7 and 122b+. Depending on the map and the situation, one side or the other has an advantage.

The combination Pantsir + Ka52 and SU25SM3 is currently unbalanced. To compensate for the air support in the 11.7 lineup, the tanks would have to be worse.

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saying that the abrams is fine

Clearly I was wrong, it’s the worst tank in the game. I have eaten the hamburger.

its the players that play with it are stupid and suck at playing it

Obviously the US mains are the best players in the game, common knowledge.

and you here saying the opposite to bait people

Are people not allowed to change their perspective? You wouldn’t know about that.

an old trick really razervon already did it

RazerVon is a respected member of this community and an unashamed abrams lover. Mind your tongue.

If you think the abrams isn’t the worst tank in the game then you’re obviously a russian shill. And I don’t argue with people like you Russian_Shill_217


I lament that your education system is failing you.

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Britain has an equal if not better 10.3 lineup then russia.

What test results would convince you that the M1 has 500 ke? In the Swedish test, the M1 body was only about 350 ke, and there is no evidence that the M1 has raised the ke.As for the M1 car lining, there is only another timeline that the American designer’s brain has not been flooded, and the M1 has and only has a turret lining similar to the Leopard 2A5 A6.Of course, I have to admit, The performance of M1 may not be as good as that of 122 or Leopard 2A7, but m1a2sep is definitely on par with 80bvm, stronger than Leopard 2A5 A6, and far stronger than Leclerc, 99A, or Mekava

Swedish tests are outdated.