Hello, what do you think about the t54e2 and its long discharge time? I know that on the dev server it was about 6 seconds, but now it is 13 seconds. Isn’t that a bit too much?


I am interested in it.

do you mean reload? it is not auto loaded so it is correct

Well, yes it’s manually loaded, but it’s too much to play it sensibly, it has adps and compounding shells that often do nothing after penetration and waiting until 13 seconds for the next shot is quite frustrating, because you can often die, I thought that the t54e2 would have about 7-8 seconds of reload, not 13 seconds.

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if it only have a problem with long reloading time, I Think it’s ok
the question is-- both accuracy/reloading/aftereffect is terrible of it
longer reloading time means I need to wait longer to shoot next round to take down or disabled enemy;
bad precision means you may miss a shoot to maus face in 800m, that’s very important };(
also the apds now is bad, heatw can be take by any leaves…

take the stability back and correct it’s accuracy, its a normally turret we don’t need to copy and paste the gun details from t54e1
for these, it is ok to been in 8.0

cmon gaijin

No STAB and long reload, if anything I’ll pick the Centurion Action X over this thing if my life depends on it.

hmmm haven’t got your point clearly :(
I do remember that e2 got a experimental stabilizer as e1 got the turret
anyway a stab will definitely give features to e2
rather than a totally lower versions of e1