T44 br to high

Im saying this as apart of most ussr players the t44 is at to high of a br 6.7 for a tank with pen and armour as a 5.7 tank 5.7 would most likely be the more reliable choice not 6.7 fix your game.

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the T-44 has been raised in br in the past because it performs very well statistically, the gun is powerful and the front hull armour is nigh unpentrable, you have to rely on the turret cheeks to kill it. This is the perfect example of a skill issue


The T-44 is quite good if you have a decent game strategy, I mostly flank with it: as the previous T-34 series are good at it. The T-44 literally can bounce shells using its front hull if angled, you can endure good amount of shots with it and most of the times only the turret would be considered a weak spot. Its only true weakness being APDS and HEAT.

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When I drove it I thought it was OP xD

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The T-44 is one of those tanks that don’t look impressive on paper but work really well.

It’s hard to kill frontally because even though the turret doesn’t look impressive, getting a good hit on a moving T-44 is actually quite hard. The gun looks pretty outdated but the pen is good enough and the massive amounts of filler do the rest. It’s also quite fast so it can show up in unexpected positions on the flanks more easily than most 6.7 tanks.

If you look at some TSS battles (like on the eSports twitch channel this weekend) what you see is that even though the T-44 is facing vehicles like the Japanese M47 (7.3, HEAT-FS) and Strv 103A (7.7, APDS) people still pick the T-44 because it’s just extremely well suited to the format. Of course TSS meta is a bit special but I think it demonstrates that people do see something in the T-44.


T44 is good tank and even leo 1 will have hard time killing it


well you have to be on 1 braincell to have a hard time against a T44 in a leo, ffs pls. The T-44 does not belong at 6.7 due to the uptiers making its gun useless when its armor was already only trolly at 6.3. Even in downtiers the only thing a panther had to do is aim at the conveniently big mantlet and cupola. Bigger German guns went through its upper plate …etc. It was perfect at 6.3 and now completely useless at 6.7

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What 5.7 tank can almost stop a 128mm German round to the UFP? Yeah, none. Its a very good tank at 6.7.


Even T3485 is still solid at 8.0, you can’t possibly be struggling with T44 at 7.0