T34 needs to be nerfed as it is over powerful

Angling makes no difference, a T-38/85 can still easily kill you.

And time you angle you open up your entire side to penetration, and the 85 is accurate enough to hit it. Either way, the cupola still exists no matter which way your hull is facing.

the cupola’s a fair point, but balancing-wise it just makes sense. Many tanks have that type of weak spots, and it’s only a real major issue on the H1. If you angle the tank correctly then it’ll take a bit of extra time for the T-34 to get a good shot in, which might earn you enough time to get the kill before he does. But of course this isn’t going to always work because of how bullshit the angled performance of the 85mm is.

The 4.0 T-34s are strong because of these factors.

  1. Gun has good pen, post pen damage, etc. The shells also have insane angle performance and can punch through a lot of tanks that some guns can’t even get through.
  2. Hull is sloped enough that angling gives 90mm+ of protection and bounces a lot of shells. The drivers hatch is also made out of stalinium and can eat shells.
  3. The turret is a big volumetric trap that can gobble up shells.
  4. The T-34 is just better than every other 4.0 medium. It has the best combo of firepower, gun, and mobility.

OMG, a 75mm plate at the same angle has more effective armor than a 45mm plate! Unbelievable!
Stalinium confirmed!4!4

Not if you have any idea where to shoot it. Then it is very paper.
Also a Panzer 4 with the longer barrel guns just LOLpen the turret.

That is just not true.

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