T34 needs to be nerfed as it is over powerful

T34-57, t34 76 are way overpowered! You can go around killing off heavy tanks which is false and needs to be looked at? You can kill tigers, m6a1, t1e1, black prince, kv1, kv1 s most heavysbif not all that are higher tier! I mean this is an overkill! This tank was not that good in real life! I shouldn’t be biased upon by gaijin?

The stats for this in this game need to be changed especially for its guns! Russian cannons weren’t that good historically and none were better that the 17 pounder and yet in game the Russian solid shot seems to perform explosive miracles yet it never hit anytime explosive or flammable?

C’mon developers?


Play them and you’ll see they aren’t as powerful as you think.


Yes I have played them and this is something which bothers me! When I play against them I get smoked I use them not very effective? I probably used them much more than you


The T-34-57 and T-34-57 (1943) are good vehicles but no where overpowered.

I am not trying to offend you, but with only 199 battles, I believe you need more practice. Other players perform better because they are more experienced. For your information, the player above that replied to you has 9558 battles, which is 48 times more than 199 battles.


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I hope you are aware that having several accounts is against the rules. Nonetheless, level 52 is not particularly high. Many players in battles have reached level 100 long ago. So there may be significant disparities in experience.


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If Black Prince is dying to a T-34-57, something seriously went wrong.
Tiger 1s can deal with T-34-57s decently as well.


Don’t Wake Him Up XD

So you’re still in the tutorial.


You can have multiple accounts. What you cant do is share them or communicate on forums across all of them.

Please view Section 3.4 on ToS.

3.4. The User shall not create multiple Accounts.


“I don’t care I know it all” is what every supervillain says right before accidentally blowing up a nuclear bomb lmao


I doubt that given as few battles as you’ve been in. I’ve unlocked up to the T-44-100.

I’m confused… cause I know of people with 2 cause they forgot password to one.
& of course console players that creat PC accounts…

Tisk Tisk, we both know that legal consent cannot be given by a minor and thus requires a guardian or parent to consent, in either case, the account belongs to the guardian or parent. Simply put, parents and guardians have multiple accounts as minors cannot provide legal consent nor can they own or be responsible for the acount…

So if someone has 12 kids, they can have 12 accounts…

This tank sucks, I have an expert (silver star) crew on it, but I still hate it. It’s fast but has nothing special about it. I always die and the SPGs for russia are better than the t 34.

t 34 is my last resort, just to drive to a capture point and get bombed.

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Self identified skill issue.


This is against TOS