T34-57 don't bonus

Do you know why the T34-57 tank mod. 1943, despite being premium, does not provide bonuses. get 100 points and 100 coins and he gives you those. There is no sign of the bonuses. Another Gaijin theft. Among other things, every now and then they also take between 80,000 and 200,000 silver lions without reason.

You will have to mouse-over this report in detail to see them.

SL bonuses for premium vehicles don’t get shown as a “bonus” line in the report. The base numbers are simply higher in the first place. If you go to the stat card, the premium T34-57 has a 130% SL modifier, while the TT one has 110%

Notice that it does NOT say “110% but then also this bonus multiplier” no it just has a higher number in the first place. It’s already built in.

(Also in this example, the bonus is very small, so it’s not surprising you don’t obviously notice 130 vs 110. The difference here was only about 2,800 SL)

Damn, with almost 10 years of activity, over 1300 vehicles and hundreds of premiums, you know I didn’t know that. But when, with a premium, you see 500 points scored with three tanks and assists maybe, just maybe, something is wrong.

Premium status doesn’t affect mission score at all. They never claimed it did when you bought the tank, either