T32 and T32E1 BR reduction

The current BR changes are great and will help conventionally armored tanks at that BR range however, 2 tanks that have been neglected for years, the T32 and T32E1 need to have their BR’s reduced to at least 7.0 and 7.3 respectively. They are constantly overlooked, they have been at too high of a BR for several years. The armor is great in the front, however even the Long 88 on the Tiger 2 H can pen the sides of the tank at a 60 degree angle. Not to mention the performance of the Gun, how they somehow believe that the IS-4M and T32E1 should be at the same BR i will truly never understand. The Gun will struggle to kill to make a dent in an IS-4M which it meets regularly at its current BR placement


They just decompressed and you want to move the T32s down DURING decompression?

Both T32s are at their correct, fair BR. They just need to sit there while the undertiered stuff goes up… as gaijin is doing.


The armor is great in the front, however even the Long 88 on the Tiger 2 H can pen the sides of the tank at a 60 degree angle.

Bruh? One of the best conventional guns at 6.7 can pen the side armor at !60! (not unarmored at all) degrees so that means its fine to be 7.0-7.3?


They’ve just started work decompressing a lot of the tanks that can lolpen them, and you want to move them down? Before we even see how they do now they aren’t fighting Leopards every game?

The standard T32 can maybe move down depending on how the BR rebalance shakes out, it’s utterly reliant on being hulldown due to it’s weak LFP and machine gun port. The E1 however has no weakspots, it borderlline requires APDS/HEAT to pen frontally.

They could get a reload buff however. It’s absurd they’re still sitting at nearly 20 seconds for two piece 90mm ammo, when most guns of similar performance at the tier or below are all around 8 seconds. They’re only barely faster than the M103. It could easily be reduced down to about 10-12 seconds, which still means it’s outreloaded by most of what it sees but is at least less punished for non-pens.


well the Tiger 2H is the best example as you see it relatively often, however it’s the same case with why the T29 is at 7.0 and not 6.7, German 6.7 players routinely miss weak points and then complain when they die, I play All 3 major nations and have learned this fact over the years


Germany doesn’t dictate BRs and doesn’t have a weaker playerbase than USA/USSR.

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Lmao, bros trippin

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Maybe go play a couple of games in the Tiger 2 105 and see why the T29 should be the same BR, the T29 sitting at 7.0 gives it almost constant uptiers to 8.0 to face the wonderfully balanced Turm III, to just get nuked by an OP vehicle, the same applies for the T32 and T32E1, the Turm III is also not affected by the BR changes so it will continue to terrorize
Just that .3 BR difference has a great effect on how a vehicle plays in the matchmaker

Game is currently being decompressed. T29 is definitely better than KT. T29 even rn is a solid premium so I don’t get the cope.


There are still plenty of tanks that can lol pen the T32s but didn’t get moved up.


There are some, but they will now be less common. Hence my wait and see attitude. We have to see how the new lineups shakeout, which are going to be common, which current problem vehicles are stranded with unpopular lineups, that sort of thing. We don’t want a KV-1B situation, where if it’s top tier and your team just so happens to lack the vehicles that can deal with it, you’re screwed.

We need to wait for the full list of BR changes to happen, and then see how it goes. It’s possible it does actually need to move down, but right now all we can do is speculate.

both should be removed from the game since its not possible to balance them

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Only in full down tiers. Even then, the M48 is the same BR. The M47 is a lower BR. Then you have tanks like the German M41 and JPz 4-5 in the 6.X range that can easily deal with both T32s.

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The T32s are pretty resilient against 90mm HEAT when hulldown. Outside of a couple pixel sized spots, all you can do is silghtly damage the breach. The UFP is vulnerable, but at worst that puts it on par with other 7.3ish heavies, like the IS-3/6.

We can’t expect heavies to be entirely frontally invincible against everything they see. That gives their enemies literally no other options but to track/barrel/flank them, which is fun for no-one. And I maintain that going from facing entire teams that can just lolpen them to facing a smaller proportion that can is already a decent buff.

And yet the Germans whine when the King Tiger gets frontally penetrated, and boast that the Panther is just fine facing Shermans since the Sherman drivers can pixel hunt its mantlet.


The mantlet of the T32 is 298mm of cast armor. With the in game modifier, it works out to 283mm. Early 90mm HEATFS pens 305mm. Later 90mm HEATFS pens 320mm. Even if they occasionally struggle, is it really an issue? Armor should matter, especially when there are other compromises. The T32 has a long reload.

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The T32s also have a spall shield behind the mantlet. This disrupts the HEAT jet, meaning that at most you’ll damage the breach, usually not even enough to knock it out. The only vulnerable portion is the tiny strip of armor just above the mantlet, which can allow the HEAT jet to hit the crew, but this is an incredibly tiny spot. Feel free to test this in protection analysis.

Armor does matter because while the T32 can face tanks with HEAT that can get through it’s UFP, it also faces a lot of tanks that can’t. Any tank that relies on AP rounds is going to find a well positioning T32 borderline impossible to deal with. All they can do is barrel it.

And I’ve already advocated for decreasing the reload. That’s the one balancing factor it doesn’t really need anymore. And again, I do think there might be a case to move the T32 down, as it’s reliant on being hulldown to make good use of it’s armor, and that’s not an option on every map. But we need to see just how strong it’s armor becomes when a lot of the guns and ATGMs that negated it are moved up.

Sure, but you’re still talking about the thickest armor of the vehicle. The T32 isn’t the only one that is difficult for 90mm HEATFS. The Maus glacis is basically immune. If a T32 is looking at you, shoot the barrel. If its not, shoot the cheeks.

There are still frontal weak spots on the T32. The shot trap, turret roof, hull cheeks, mg ball, lower glacis bulges.


T32E1 vs M348 HEATFS


Maus vs M348 HEATFS




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This just in, heavy tank capable of being frontally penetrated, more news at 11.

Heavy tanks should never be balanced around never being able to be frontally penetrated by what they can fight. Especially under the conditions you listed, where if he’s playing optimally (IE hulldown and turret facing you), you have two very specific shots you can go for.

And comparing the armor of T32 to the IS-4 and Maus is laughable, the T32 has the advantage of near medium tank mobility and agility, better gun depression to allow it to work more spots, and even it’s cripplingly slow reload is still faster than either of theirs. And if it’s playing hulldown, it’s practically as resistant to HEATFS as the other two are. It’s actually stronger than the Maus, due to the spall liner protecting the crew, whereas the Maus will be decrewed over time.

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Is there a reason you can’t give the USA something when Germany gets the KT and Russia the IS series? The T32 doesn’t even have that powerful of a gun considering it gets less pen at 500m (205mm) than the KT does at 1,000m (207mm), and it takes twice as long to reload as the KT’s gun, too. And like almost every other tank in the US tree, no defensive smoke.

As to medium tank mobility, yes. It is roughly comparable to the T-54 (1949), but with a worse cannon (especially thanks to Soviet APHEBC slope modifiers), cast hull armor, and due to volumetric and the severe rounding, equivalent or worse turret armor. And of course no defensive smoke. Thankfully that tank is headed to 8.0 if Gaijin sticks to their guns… but we’ll see how long it stays there.

As to gun depression… maybe if Gaijin hadn’t gotten rid of most of the reverse slopes in their maps that might actually be a significant point in its favor. As it stands there are few opportunities to take advantage of the gun depression due to how terrible the cannon is for a 7.3 tank.

And then there’s the T32E1, which has excellent hull armor, but at 7.7 the armor overall is increasingly unreliable and the cannon even worse considering that even with the new BR changes its still facing Cold War armor.